Stupid Elevator Tricks

It wouldn’t take anything like 26 fans to reproduce this result:

How many cheerleaders can cram into an elevator? Apparently not 26. A group of teenage girls attending cheerleading camp on the University of Texas got stuck and had to be rescued after trying to squeeze into an elevator at a residence hall Tuesday night.

And so we are reminded why some Worldcons assign people to limit the number of fans trying to board hotel elevators at peak hours.

Before that idea was adopted, I remember being at the Sheraton during the 1983 Worldcon in Baltimore. Stuffed elevators hauled fans to the big parties on the top floors all Saturday night long. This literally stretched the elevator cables: by Sunday morning they no longer opened even with the floor. Fans had to step up to exit the cars.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Elevator Tricks

  1. Oh, damn, I’m trying to remember which convention — late 70’s or early 80’s — it was where I was on an overpacked elevator that stalled between floors for five or ten minutes. During the wait, someone brought out a calculator, asked the occupants’ weights, and calculated that we were about 600 pounds over the elevator’s posted weight limit.

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