Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022 Nominees

The judging panel’s nominees for the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022 have been announced. The finalists will be revealed in July, and the winners announced in September.


  • Lucy Holland, Sistersong
  • Khadija Abdalla Bajaber, The House of Rust
  • Tasha Suri, The Jasmine Throne
  • C.L. Clark, The Unbroken
  • Zoraida Córdova, The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina
  • Shelley Parker-Chan, She Who Became the Sun
  • A.C. Wise, Wendy, Darling
  • Laure Eve, Blackheart Knights
  • P. Djèlí Clark, A Master of Djinn


  • Tade Thompson, Far from the Light of Heaven
  • Calvin Kalsuke, Several People are Typing
  • Nicole Kornher-Stace, Firebreak
  • Claire North, Notes from the Burning Age
  • Catriona Silvey, Meet Me in Another Life
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky, Shards of Earth
  • Brent A. Harris, Alyx: An AI’s Guide to Love and Murder
  • Benjamin Rosenbaum, The Unravelling
  • Arkady Martine, A Desolation Called Peace


  • Ryka Aoki, Light from Uncommon Stars
  • K. Eason, Nightwatch on the Hinterlands
  • Un-Su Kim, The Cabinet
  • Monica Byrne, The Actual Star
  • T.L. Huchu, The Library of the Dead
  • E. Lily Yu, On Fragile Waves
  • Rena Rossner, The Light of the Midnight Stars
  • Rivers Solomon, Sorrowlands
  • Marshall Ryan Maresca, The Velocity of Revolution


  • Lorraine Wilson, This is Our Undoing
  • Ava Reid, The Wolf and the Woodsman
  • Elly Bangs, Unity
  • Louise Carey, Inscape
  • Xiran Jay Zhao, Iron Widow
  • Genevieve Gornichec, The Witch’s Heart
  • E.J. Beaton, The Councillor


  • Anna-Marie McLemore, The Mirror Season
  • Namina Forna, The Gilded Ones
  • Lilliam Rivera, We Light Up the Sky
  • Krystal Sutherland, House of Hollow


  • Ellen Kushner, Immortal Coil
  • Malka Older, The Badger’s Digestion, or The First First-Hand Description of Deneskan Beastcraft by an Aouwan Researcher
  • A.C. Wise, The Amazing Exploding Women of the 20th Century
  • Isabel J. Kim, Homecoming Is Just Another Word For The Sublimation Of The Self


  • Shingai Njeri Kagunda, & This Is How We Stay Alive
  • Yaroslav Barsukov, Tower of Mud and Straw
  • Aliette de Bodard, Fireheart Tiger
  • Chris Willrich, A Manslaughter of Crows
  • Becky Chambers, A Psalm for the Well-Built
  • Premee Mohamed, These Lifeless Things
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky, One Day All This Will Be Yours
  • Alix E. Harrow, A Spindle Splintered
  • Catherynne M. Valente, The Past is Red
  • Premee Mohamed, The Annual Migration of Clouds
  • Dilman Dila, The Future God of Love
  • Aimee Ogden, Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters


  • Molly Knox-Ostertag, The Girl from the Sea
  • Hiromi Goto & Ann Xu, Shadow Life
  • Rachel Smythe, Lore Olympus
  • Wendy Xu, Tidesong


  • Natasha Ngan, Girls of Paper and Fire
  • C.L. Polk, The Kingston Cycle
  • T. Frohock, Los Nefilim
  • Malorie Blackman, Noughts and Crosses
  • James SA Corey, The Expanse

The book critics responsible for this set of honors are –

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5 thoughts on “Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022 Nominees

  1. It would be helpful if the listings included more detail such as where the short works appeared and the publisher of the the full length works.

  2. Stuart Hall says It would be helpful if the listings included more detail such as where the short works appeared and the publisher of the the full length works.

    All of that is available on

  3. All of that is available on

    It is, but I don’t think it should be necessary to go elswhere to seek out the information.

  4. Stuart Hall: That makes sense especially since their mission is to draw attention to works that might be overlooked.

  5. Under Novella, the Chambers should be “A Psalm for the Wild-Built” rather than “Well-Built”.

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