Submissions Period Is Open for SLF’s 2021 Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants

The Speculative Literature Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2021 Diverse Writers Grant and Diverse Worlds Grant. Applications will be open through July 31. Applicants do not need to be members of SLF.

Since 2014, SLF has annually offered two diversity-centered grants, Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds, both intended to foster the creation of speculative fiction work rich in diversity.

The $500 Diverse Writers grant is intended to support writers of speculative fiction who are from underrepresented and underprivileged groups, such as writers of color, women, queer writers, disabled writers, etc. — those whose marginalized identities may present additional obstacles in the writing / publishing process.

The $500 Diverse Worlds grant is intended for work that best presents a diverse world, regardless of the writer’s background.

For more information on how to apply here.

Writers may apply for either or both grants. SLF adds: “Please note: your project does not need to center on identity issues. We also do not expect or want work that simply attempts to check off all the boxes in a tokenistic way, but rather are looking for writing that offers deep characterization, complex cultural landscapes, and strong literary quality overall. The submitted project, however, must be a work of speculative fiction.”

Each grant is intended to support the SLF’s mission of promoting literary quality in speculative fiction. Grants are awarded by a jury of SLF staff on the basis of merit. All SLF grants are free to apply, and are designed as ‘gateway’ grants, with easy and straightforward applications that should be quick to complete. SLF hopes their grants will both serve the community directly, and also encourage genre writers to explore the wide variety of grants, awards, and residencies available in the larger writing community.

Founded in January 2004 to promote literary quality in speculative fiction, the all-volunteer Speculative Literature Foundation is led by Mary Anne Mohanraj and 30 other committed volunteers. The Foundation maintains a comprehensive website offering information for readers, writers, editors and publishers of speculative fiction, develops book lists and outreach materials for schools and libraries, and raises funds for redistribution to other organizations in the field, as well as five awards made annually to writers. For more information, visit Speculative Literature Foundation.

The SLF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, entirely supported by community donations. This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

[Based on a press release.]