Taral, Tourist Guide

Taral helped LA fanartist Marc Schirmeister see the sights after Anticipation. His good deed, making the rounds with Marc, was rewarded by the discovery of a prime collectible:

Another memorable moment occurred when I browsed the table of a dealer in bubble-gum cards. As a kid I owned a complete set of the centennial year Civil War set, but had long ago (and stupidly) outgrown them. I recovered a few over the years, but despaired of ever owning a complete set. To my surprise he had one for sale, and it was in perfect shape. I won’t mention what he wanted for it — the price was outrageous of course, bur reasonable for what the market would bear. Nor will I go into how I raised the money. I did, and took home with me all 88 glorious pasteboard paintings of men being bayoneted, shot, blown up, impaled, burned to a crisp, and occasionally playing the harmonica.

I collected these, too! The set was published during the Civil War centennial. Most unforgettable of all the cards was the one showing the “wall of corpses” at the Battle of Fredricksburg. I never accumulated anything close to a complete set and the ones I had vanished in the Sixties.

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