Tarpinian: Bradbury and Weller Signing

By John King Tarpinian: The book launch party for Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews on June 27 was a huge success.  The three principals involved with the book were signing, Sam Weller (Ray’s biographer), Black Francis (of the Pixies, who wrote the introduction) and Ray Bradbury. Just about every copy of the limited edition of the book was snapped up. Those that got there late were happy with copies of the trade paperback. Pretty much the cupboards were bare by the end of the two plus hours. Just about everybody that Sam Weller thanked in the book were also in attendance. It was a party atmosphere all day long.

Sam Weller and Ray Bradbury discuss their book.

Update 06/28/2010: Video of Saturday’s launch at Mystery and Imagination Bookstore is here on YouTube. As a bonus, Tarpinian appears at the 2:25 mark.

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