Terry Pratchett Edits May Issue of SFX

Summer already? It is in the magazine business. The July issue of SFX goes on sale May 5. But here’s the exciting part — that’s when everyone will get to see what guest editor Terry Pratchett has done with the zine.   

Actively involved in planning and guest editing the July issue, Terry Pratchett spent time with the SFX team, using his editorial privilege to commission a retrospective of Blade Runner, his favourite sci-fi movie – and personally penning a piece about Doctor Who for the www.sfx.co.uk website. Also in the July issue you’ll find the first part of an ambitious history of the most influential SF authors ever, a retrospective on the writings of John “Day of the Triffids” Wyndham, plus a behind-the-scenes report from the Sky1 adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s book Going Postal. SFX also interviews six of Britain’s up-and-coming female actors, leading with Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan.

Locally we’ll be celebrating the Cinco de Mayo, coincidentally held on May 5, but after I hoist a Corona and snack on some chips and salsa I may go looking for a copy.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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