The Art of Plasma at Museum of Neon Art

By John King Tarpinian: Today I paid a visit to one of my favorite museums, The Museum of Neon Art.   The current exhibition features plasma, not the stuff you get in the ER but of the ionized gas variety.  I have zero artistic abilities but I do appreciate anybody who can draw a straight line without a ruler, something I cannot do.  Went with a friend who works for Disney, so she could really appreciate what was being created.  I highly recommend paying the museum a visit.  This current one is on display thru July.

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Plasma at Museum of Neon Art

  1. That’s kinda cool looking and very SFal. It’s too bad it’s on the opposite coast from me, so thanks for the photos! 🙂

  2. The Chinese love neon lights. I wish I’d had enough storage on the first trip to take movies of some of the intricate signage they had.

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