The Cat Is Out of the Bag

You know us frowsy old fanzine fans, in love with steam-powered e-mail and devoted to making electronic graphics files look like something fresh from Edison’s mimeograph.

That’s why you simply won’t believe what’s planned for next year’s fanzine fans’ convention, Corflu Glitter.  

Arnie Katz’ latest broadside about the 2012 gathering in Las Vegas, Glitter #17, draws back the curtain on the most ambitious array of interactive audio and video planned for any Corflu to date.  

JoHn Hardin, Don Miller and Peter Sullivan intend to deliver –

The Virtual Consuite. Fans around the world will be able to interact with revelers in Corflu Glitter’s Main Consuite and tune into the speeches and presentations at the banquet on Sunday.

Video Proceedings. We plan to tape the formal program and incorporate footage into a Corflu Glitter Memory Video that will be available as a free download.

Roving Videographer. Each day, Corflu Glitter’s intrepid video journalists will circulate among the fans with a question of the day. Don Miller will edit this material for distribution.

Audio and Video Entertainment. Don Miller will present a varied program of video and audio of interest to fans on Saturday evening in a suite adjoining the Main Consuite.

Arnie, who celebrates his 65th birthday on July 2, sounds rejuvenated by these exciting plans. No wonder, even cons drawing thousands of fans can’t always command this level of technical virtuosity.

4 thoughts on “The Cat Is Out of the Bag

  1. Some things are better left unsaid. Now, because it was said, somebody probably will nominate the Corflu video for Best Fanzine.

    But… wait! Don’t the rules specify there must have been at least four “issues?”

    Not that rules matter, according to emminent Hugo-ologists who have spoken out in File 770 before, what matters is Vox Populi. Give the Worldcon members what they want, and the rules will be conveniently interpreted to respect it.

  2. Taral: The Vox Populi of the Worldcon voters is – I imagine – mostly ignorant of Corflu. And once they saw any photos, etc would just consider them doddering greying dinosaurs.

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