13 thoughts on “Thursday Filers Meetup
at Dublin 2019

  1. I heard a couple of people at the meet-up saying they weren’t likely to head to the Odeon because of the long queues and didn’t get a chance to say the queues for the talks were because of a broken escalator, but it seemed to be back in service by 5PM. It took me about 5-10 minutes to get from the end of the queue to a seat in one of the cinema screens at the worst point of it.

  2. I had a workshop at the Point Square Odeon/Warehouse location at 3:30 PM and the escalators were definitely working by then. The biggest problem was getting to my workshop in the Warehouse from the Green Room in the Odeon foyer/bar to the workshop in the Warehouse itself, because the escalators were crowded with panellists.

    Another huge problem is that while the Odeon has air conditioning, the Warehouse, which is basically a big empty space that was supposed to be a supermarket or something that never opened, has no air conditioning and quickly gets stuffy.

  3. Apparently Juli and I went to the wrong venue and missed the meetup. Oh well there’s always Saturday. I hope everyone is having a good time so far.

    Chris B.

  4. Scratch what i said earlier, they’re making people queue outside the odeon, looks to be until the attendees at current talks leave before letting the next batch in

  5. In my copious experience (of attending two events), the Odeon theaters are comfortable at ground level, oppressively hot, humid, and crowded in the nosebleeds.

  6. Ack! I was at Giant’s Causeway! I hope to see you all at various points in the con!

  7. I just had the pleasure of running into RedWombat and the Chicken Whisperer, and they were kind enough to spend a few moments talking with me AND I got a live update via Chicken Cam.

  8. I just stayed in the Odeon today, four panels in a row. Very nice, only having to queue once to get to the panel floor. Found the rooms cool and fresh. The line at the Odeon are also less claustrophobic, as it can circle around a much larger space.

    I think I’ll give up on absolutely everything in the Convention center. I can’t handle standing in such lines, makes me feel like I will explode.

  9. The queue for the Ignobel prize dramatic reading in the Convention Centre descended into mild chaos for a while – when I go there they weren’t letting people join the queue, but asked everyone who wanted to to just mill around. I assume everyone who wanted to get in was able to – there were only a couple of people standing at the back.

    The other things I went to in the Convention Centre today – The Doubleclickg gig, the Space Opera panel, Becky Chambers’ signing and the panel on the Best Dramatic Presentation Hugos had minimal or orderly queues

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