Top 10 Posts for November 2008

This month’s elections helped boost a few posts with a presidential theme onto a list otherwise dominated by news of Forry Ackerman’s health and his 92nd birthday celebration. Thanks to a tie, this time the Top 10 lists 11 of the most-viewed posts in November 2008, according to Google Analytics…

1. Friends Visiting Forry
2. Pulpcon Torn Apart
3. Jane Badler Joins the Resistance
4. Keeping an Eye on Sea World
5. Now How Will We Know It’s the Future?
6. Bradbury Sets Ackerman Birthday Salute
7. John Hertz Reports: A Very Merry Unbirthday
8. Not a Forbidden Remake
9. Elliot Shorter’s New Location
10. (tie) Forry Riding a Wave of Encouragement
10. (tie) Pournelle’s Job in the Obama Administration

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