Top 10 Stories for April 2022

The Hugo Award finalists were the biggest story of the month, and that was good news, especially for Filers Chris Barkley and Cora Buhlert. However, there was some sad news on the other side of the ledger, with Chicon 8 GoH Charles de Lint needing to step down, and centenarian actor Nehemiah Persoff dying, which brought a lot of readers to Steve Vertlieb’s article about his 102nd birthday last August.

Here are the 10 most-read posts of April 2022 according to Google Analytics.

  1. 2022 Hugo Award Finalists
  2. Pixel Scroll 4/18/22 You Get A File, I’ll Get A Troll, We’ll Head Down To The Pixel Scroll, Honey, Enemy Mine
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/2/22 We Don’t Talk About Pixel (Scroll, Scroll, Scroll)
  4. Charles de Lint Steps Down as Chicon 8 GoH
  5. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  6. Pixel Scroll 4/1/22 This Title Contains A Non-Fungible Tribble
  7. Pixel Scroll 4/5/22 Now That’s A Pixel I’ve Not Scrolled In A Long Time. A Long Time
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/25/22 Mrs. File You’ve Got A Lovely Pixel, Scrolls As Sharp As Her Are Something Rare, But It’s Sad, She Doesn’t Read My Books, I’d Give Her Free Copies, But It’s No Good To Beg
  9. Pixel Scroll 4/26/22 I Don’t Want A Pixel. I Just Wanna Scroll On My Motorcycxel
  10. Pixel Scroll 4/4/22 Just A Pixel Boy, Lots Of Planets Have A South, He Took The Tardis Box Goin’ Anywhere


  1. 2022 Hugo Award Finalists
  2. Charles de Lint Steps Down as Chicon 8 GoH
  3. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  4. 2022 Rondo Awards Nominees
  5. Chengdu Worldcon Publishes Q&As to Explain Their Membership and Admission Structure
  6. 2022 Philip K. Dick Award
  7. Numerous Russian SFF Writers Support Ukraine Invasion in Open Letter
  8. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #64
  9. R.M.S. Titanic … “A Night To Remember”
  10. 2022 Recommended SF/F List
  11. What the Heinleins Told the 1950 Census

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