Top 20 Stories of 2019

The subjects of 2019’s most-read posts ranged from the loss of one of the field’s most beloved writers to the legal triumph of another. There were revelations about a Canadian sff publisher, a strange row over a Hugo night party, and the arrest of a King of the SCA on murder charges. But ranked at the top was a Pixel Scroll with over 700 comments discussing Archive of Our Own’s Hugo win.

  1. Pixel Scroll 9/14/19 We Are All In The Pixel, But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Scrolls
  2. Vonda N. McIntyre (1948-2019)
  3. Dan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About Thunberg
  4. GRRM on the Hugo Losers Party
  5. Authors Break Silence with Complaints About ChiZine Publications
  6. State Judge Awards Peter S. Beagle $332K in Damages
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/19/19 The SJW Credential That Sleeps On You From Nowhere
  8. SCA Ousts King After Arrest as Murder Suspect
  9. Broken Hearts and Hugos
  10. Court Rules Against Del Arroz on Four Issues in Lawsuit Against Worldcon 76, Allows Litigation to Continue on a Fifth
  11. Annie Bellet Criticizes 20Booksto50K Slate and Members of the Group Respond
  12. Storm Over Campbell Award
  13. 2019 Recommended SF/F List
  14. 2019 World Fantasy Awards Nominees
  15. Perjury, Not Piracy, Is The Problem
  16. Tiptree Name Will Be Removed from Award
  17. Jonathan Brazee, SFWA Make Statements on Nebula Awards Issues
  18. Writers and Staffers Share More Bad Experiences with ChiZine Publications
  19. Courtney Milan Controversy Decimates RWA Leadership
  20. David Gemmell Awards Are Terminated

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