Twitter Pitches Third Strike at Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz’ @Rislandiabooks Twitter account has bitten the dust, suspended only a matter of days after launching. Previously, it took months of people reporting his @JonDelArroz (“Jon Del Arroz Permabanned from Twitter”) and then his @LeadingHispanic (“JDA Out of GAMA, Suspended by Twitter”) accounts before Twitter acted on JDA’s violations of the service’s rules against “hateful conduct.”

Someone has even made a watch-it-played style video of them reporting JDA’s latest account to Twitter.

Of course, this is whack-a-mole, not baseball. When his @LeadingHispanic account was shuttered, JDA was back with @Rislandiabooks five days later. The third account started out by pretending to be run by one of his friends, however, he could never remember not to use the first person when tweeting the usual links to his crowdfunding appeals, comics, books, and misogynistic BS. So if JDA pops up again it won’t come as a surprise.

11 thoughts on “Twitter Pitches Third Strike at Jon Del Arroz

  1. Paul Weimer says Maintaining the right tense is important in writing fiction.

    I think JDA has forgotten what universe he’s in, let alone what he’s writing at this point. And it certainly doesn’t help that a lot of individuals are watching to see what mistakes he’s making and reporting them to Twitter.

    Now listening to Becky Chambers’ The Galaxy, and the Ground Within which is most excellent.

  2. Good. It was really obviously ban evasion. (Which should have a checkbox on their list, somewhere.)

  3. I’ve heard that click before — it’s from an old familiar score!

  4. Must be incredible hard for a fiction writer to consistently write in the third person.

  5. @John Winkelman: Ooh, burn. Heh.

    @PJ Evans: I think they do, but the only thing I follow on Twitter is Jorts the Cat and his adventures in falling into the trash can and helping signal-boost union organizers.

  6. @Lurkertype
    I bookmark the people whose tweets I read. So it looks like I’m not following anyone (because I’m not) but I read stuff by about fifteen or eighteen, and some of those they link.

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