JDA Out of GAMA, Suspended by Twitter

Jon Del Arroz said today in a video that the Games Manufacturers Association – a group for tabletop game publishers – “suspended me for hate speech and bullying, now they’ve fully removed me from the group under false pretenses, and they’ve also engaged an attorney on the matter.” Del Arroz confirms he has been removed from both the Facebook group and GAMA and adds, “I’ve forwarded the matter to my attorney who has handled the Worldcon suit and we are working on it.”

Del Arroz joined GAMA and introduced himself in its private Facebook group on May 4. Rodney Smith of Watch It Played (YouTube) protested his admission to the organization and wrote a comment about JDA’s track record of harassment. After an FB group moderator deleted Smith’s comment he tweeted a copy of it, making the situation public knowledge.

GAMA pointed members to their Code of Conduct and the form to be used in reporting violations. Several people tweeted that they were going to fill out the form and submit it. GAMA initially announced that Del Arroz was suspended from the FB group for 28 days. They have not yet made a statement about his removal from the organization.

Also today, Twitter suspended JDA’s @leadinghispanic account.

Last August his @jondelarroz account was permabanned from Twitter. But he soon popped up again as @leadinghispanic, another transparently JDA-written account. As the months passed many complaints were lodged with Twitter about the evasion of the ban and for the content of some of @leadinghispanic’s tweets without effect. It is unknown why Twitter decided to act today.

Del Arroz still has an active Facebook account at this writing, however, after his Twitter suspension he told FB followers:

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19 thoughts on “JDA Out of GAMA, Suspended by Twitter

  1. GAMA should undertake a serious examination of its process for admitting new members. This was a problem easily avoided by undertaking a web search.

  2. JDA Out of GAMA, Suspended by Twitter

    Well, that’s ten pounds of [womp womp] in a five pound bag.
    Also, as noted by rcade, the lack of due diligence on GAMA’s part here is just goddamn sad.

  3. I see he’s now claiming he’s just the LeadingHispanic according to his Twitter handle. Is there no bounds to that man’s ego? Sorry, stupid question.

  4. So let’s file a scroll of cheer again
    Happy tweets are here again

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  6. They need a checkbox for “ban evasion”. (I’ve reported the latest one twice already.)

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