TZ Revived for TV?

CBS TV Studios is considering another revival of Twilight Zone with Bryan Singer (X-Men) attached as executive producer reports Entertainment Weekly.

The show has made two comebacks since Rod Serling’s original series was canceled in 1964. The mid-Eighties edition lasted three seasons. UPN’s 2002 version disappeared after only one.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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One thought on “TZ Revived for TV?

  1. Reviving the past seems to have hit Hollywoodland for TV. Not content with remaking good films into bad imitiations, now sights are set on TZ.

    I never saw the UPN series. And the flavor of the second incarnation doesn’t match the orginal. The difference in B&W film verses color videotape, among many dfferences. The tone of the 1980’s was not the post Joe McVCarthy era.


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