UK in 2024 Discussion Continues

The UK in 2024 Worldcon discussion group now has a landing page at

The group was begun in 2015 by Emma England, Vanessa May, Esther MacCallum-Stewart and James Bacon.

Esther MacCallum-Stewart adds —

The group was launched in 2015 at Novacon, in order to explore the possibility of bidding for a Worldcon in the UK in 2024. It was formed as a result of the huge enthusiasm generated from Loncon 3, and because of the thriving science fiction, fantasy and horror scene in the UK, which very much wants to see Worldcon returning to our shores in the future. The group is formed of fans old and new, with experience both of running Worldcons and involvement with the UK convention community.

We are currently exploring venues around the UK, and will hold two sessions at the forthcoming UK Conrunner event in February to discuss ways forwards, and to talk more about the locations in depth.

For more information, you can either attend one of the discussion sessions, or write to the group at [email protected].

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5 thoughts on “UK in 2024 Discussion Continues

  1. Steve Green on October 31, 2016 at 5:09 pm said:

    By 2024, the UK will most likely resemble Manhattan in Escape From New York, only with more CCTV.

    They could hold the con in York and make the whole theme Escape From Old York.

  2. Steve Green: I saw Mr Carpenter and his band perform this very theme on stage on Saturday.

    Ah, dammit, I am envious.

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