Utah Voted 2019 NASFiC

The unopposed 2019 NASFiC bid for Layton, Utah was officially awarded the con by a site selection vote conducted at Worldcon 76. The bid received 171 votes out of 192 votes cast.

The convention is being called Spikecon and will be held simultaneously with Westercon and will take place in the Davis Convention Center July 4-7, 2019.

The NASFiC bid’s railroad themed emblem is shown and the historic background explained in this announcement:

At this writing both the bid website and the Spikecon site are offline.

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5 thoughts on “Utah Voted 2019 NASFiC

  1. Wait, so are they one convention?! I’d heard it would also be a Westercon, but I didn’t realize they would have (except for one guest) two different Guests of Honor lists. Can someone explain to me how this works? So basically do we just get twice (minus one) the Guests of Honor? Is it all one con for the 4th-7th, or are the days not exactly the same?

    Am I super ultra mega slow tonight, or just kinda sorta slow?

  2. It is all one con, but they added additional guests when they won the NASFiC election. Otherwise my understanding is that there is no distinction. (I was not involved with the bid – just reporting what I have heard.)

  3. Yes, one convention (actually three, including the 1632 Minicon), different (sometimes overlapping) guests. This isn’t unprecedented. A couple of Worldcons were also that year’s Westercon, with their own guests. In theory, one day of those conventions was Westercon and the rest was Worldcon, but not in the case of this event. A membership to one is a membership to all. They’ve been saying this for a while now, after they won their Westercon and started bidding to also host NASFiC. (Westercons are selected two years in advance, NASFiCs one year in advance.)

    Details of the 2019 NASFiC Site Selection voting

    Linda being NASFiC GoH dovetails nicely with me (and my wife Lisa and her companion Kuma Ber) being the Westercon GoHs. Linda and I have been doing a pair act at the head table of the Westercon Business Meeting (and some Worldcon BMs) for some years now, with Lisa (and Kuma) handling the video recordings.

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