Pixel Scroll 8/21/18 When The Deep Pixel Scrolls Over Sleepy Filer Walls

(1) OPENING MONOLOGUE. Thanks for everyone’s congratulations about the Hugo and kind wishes for my health. Back with a short scroll while I’m still in the hospital (for medical issues (which I’m not going to plaster all over the internet, but check with me via email if you want to be in touch about that.) Full gratitude to Jo Van Ekeren for doing the honors of accepting File 770’s Hugo for me in the emergency (and facing the lion’s den of the Hugo Losers Party after having had her hands on the trophy.)

(2) CONZEALAND. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) has posted a great set of ”Links for CoNZealand” for the now-officially-selected Worldcon of 2020, CoNZealand. (And let me say how enthusiastic I am that they picked a nickname, rather than just numbering the con! Since I don’t buy the idea that numbering enhances the Worldcon brand, there’s never been any attraction in it for me.)

(3) HUGO STATS. PDF files of the Retro-Hugos and 2018 Hugos have been posted by Worldcon 76.

(4) THE WINNER IS. Worldcon 76 has video of the Hugo ceremony online —

Miss the Hugo livestream? Want to watch it again? Head over to Worldcon 76’s YouTube Channel. The video of the entire ceremony is available to view.

(5) OH, JOHN (DIFFERENT JOHN).  This is far better than any set of second-place remarks I ever thought of, even after consecutive finishes behind Locus or David Langford!

Last night I did a thing that no one else in the entire history of the Hugo Awards has ever done, an achievement so singular, so unique, that no one could have possibly have imagined it for me or for anyone else:

I came in second in the Best Novel category to someone who has won back-to-back-to-back Best Novel Hugos!

No one else has ever done this! Ever! My achievement is monumental! No one can take this spectacular moment in time from me!

And naturally, I owe it all to N.K. Jemisin, who, by being the first person ever to win back-to-back-to-back Best Novel Hugo awards, created the necessary conditions for my exceptional position in the history books. I couldn’t have done this without all of her hard work over the years, and I thank her for it.

….So, while the first part of this post was obviously a bit silly, do not doubt that I am in all seriousness proud and happy to have come in second in the Best Novel category this year. The right book, and person, won, and I am delighted.

(5) SECOND FIFTH. Another thing I missed was N.K. Jemisin’s Best Novel Hugo acceptance speech. The B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog has posted the text (and the video is available online – presumably as part of the ceremony video above, for one.)

This is the year in which I get to smile at all of those naysayers: every single mediocre, insecure wannabe who fixes their mouth to suggest that I do not belong on this stage, that people like me cannot possibly have earned such an honor, and that when they win it’s meritocracy, but when we win it’s identity politics,” she said. “I get to smile at those people and lift a massive shining rocket-shaped finger in their direction.”

(6) THIRD FIFTH NOT LAST AND NOT LEAST. As always, Camestros Felapton thinks of the appropriate reference at these moments, in “Post Hugo Post”.

So first off, thank you to everybody who voted for me. It really was special having Robert Silverberg present the awards. Sarah Gailey was a very deserving winner. I had a respectable showing but I guess the most elegant outcome would have been to have lost to No Award :).

(7) MORE ABOUT INCLUSIVENESS, RESISTING ALT-RIGHT IMPACT ON SCA. A Society for Creative Anachronism member who participates as Fulk Beauxarmes has written two more insightful follow-up posts about trending problems symptomized by the Kingdom of Trimaris.

….It isn’t enough to be a passive ally anymore, because we’re losing ground; it’s not enough to hold the belief that everyone should have the right to join the SCA, you need to stand up and be seen. How many newbies have seen something objectionable early on in their SCA career, have seen nobody speak against it, and just decide that the SCA isn’t the place for them? Judging from my comment section, too many. (As an aside, I’d like to see a real push to making sure that every SCA group, from canton on up, follow the example of the Barony of Ayreton and publish a statement of inclusivity so that newcomers can have no doubt.)…

Over the weekend, a member of the Board of Directors wrote a blog post in the form of an open letter to me, rebutting my most recent blog post Power, Justice and Safety in the SCA on an almost point-by-point basis. To her credit, Baroness Franca Donato contacted me ahead of time for permission to extensively quote from my blog as per my posted rules, which is a gesture of respect and courtesy which I greatly appreciated. Her post was exhaustively researched, politely written and as I said when I updated my blog post to include it yesterday, an invaluable addition to the ongoing discussion that is raging in the SCA; having a member of the BoD go on record with what the BoD can and can’t do was extremely educational.

A number of people have been vocally offended by Baroness Franca’s post on my behalf. My response to that is to simply state that I am not offended because people are allowed to tell me I’m wrong….

[Thanks to the heroic efforts of Jo Van Ekeren and Rick Moen and DB, I bring you today’s Pixel Scroll from high atop the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, with the lilting cardio rhythms of That Guy. Thanks to all of you who sent in items and I hope to get to a bunch soon. Some thanks in advance to JJ, John King Tarpinian, Martin Morse Wooster, Mike Kennedy, Cat Eldridge, Carl Slaughter, Chip Hitchcock, and Jason. Title credit goes to contributing editor of the day Jack Lint.]

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95 thoughts on “Pixel Scroll 8/21/18 When The Deep Pixel Scrolls Over Sleepy Filer Walls

  1. Lin McAllister, love your Pokemon name! Thank you; that’s the three people I need; I truly appreciate you guys coming through for me. It’s a stupid little game, but weirdly addicting….

  2. It’s a stupid little game, but weirdly addicting….

    Some people walk their dogs, I walk my Magicarp. Yeah, it’s a dumb game but it’s an incentive to go out for a walk every day – and I learned that it’s 2 km to the library and back.

  3. OT: I go in for my next CT scan tomorrow, and should have the results back on Friday. If the tumor is reduced enough, I may be able to quit chemo and move on to radiation therapy. GoodThoughts for such an outcome would be welcomed.

  4. Lin,

    I’ve sent you a friend request. (I’m already friends with Cassy, Hampus & Doire)

    I’d rather not post my Pokemon User ID publicly & get hit by randoms. So anyone else here who isn’t already a Poke-friend can email me at soonlee.nz at the gmail place & I’ll reply with my user code if you like. Let me know your IGN (In Game Name) so I know it’s you. My IGN is the oh-so-imaginative “SoonLeeNZ”.

    ETA: Currently on 4/8 of the Celebi quests. More walking required (not really a spoiler).

  5. @Lee
    I’m supposed to go in Monday for the first radiation session. Four weeks (20 sessions), and they said the worst effects come after the second week. (They also handed me papers on dealing with it, though I’ll pass on the homeopathic stuff.)

  6. Re: Pokemon Friends: I now have the three new friends I need, but if any Filer happens to need a Pokemon Friend, feel free to send a friend request. (I’d appreciate it if you mention that you’re doing so here on File770 so I know it’s a Filer. <smile> )

  7. Lee and PJ Evans, hope your respective radiation treatments go well and with few side effects.

  8. hi Cassy,

    I just sent you a Pokemon Go friend request. My trainer name is JohnFromGR. I can’t seem to quit this wonderful, silly game.

    If anyone else would like to connect via PGo, my trainer # is 5299 1265 3709. In for a pfennig, in for a mark.

  9. @ Lis. Yay! Happy to hear that.

    @Lee and PJ. Best wishes and hope to hear good news from you soon.

  10. OGH, I am so glad you’re feeling a bit better, and hope they spring you soon if they haven’t already.

    Nicole, good luck with the game!

    Lis, that’s great news about the BiPAP. I use a type of CPAP also. APAP maybe?

    Lee, best of luck on the scan. I hope you’ll be able to move on to radiation if possible. I sometimes think one of the hardest parts of cancer treatment, emotionally, I mean, is the uncertainty and the lack of control.

    P J Evans, good luck to you, too.

    All the hugs to anyone who needs them, or gentle pats, or feelings of commiseration from a distance, as needed and desired.

  11. @Lee and PJ, hope things go as well as possible.

    Eat whatever you can while your appetite/taste buds are weird. Yeah, yeah, healthy veggies and stuff, but if chocolate is the only thing that tastes good, eat it. (It’ll do you much more good than anything homeopathic)

    Particular hopes that Lee can stop the chemo; it’s only tolerable b/c not using it is a worse option.

    If you get any superpowers, remember to use them for good. Or at least for fun.

  12. It’s the suspenders to go with the belt of surgery. Officially I’m in remission – the pathology results after surgery came up clean. I’m not really looking forward to it, except that as a science nerd it’s something different. (The machine looks like the ones they used for the CT and PET scans.)

  13. Best wishes and yays! of various sorts to OGH, Fleur de Beast (because that’s the coolest nom de derby ever), Lis Carey, Lee, and PJ Evans.

    My con was negatively impacted by being unable to sleep at night like a normal person, but within limitations I had a great time. I’d list my favorites, but they were pretty much all my favorites except for that panel during which I dozed off and had to slink out of. Also, at the first Filer meetup, during the second set of the Worst Bar Band in the History of Ever, I politely stopped behind Heather Rose Jones as she greeted someone and then really looked at the person. It was a woman I used to know and love (my ex got her in the divorce), so I got to catch up with an old friend later in the week.

  14. Best wishes for good health to Lee, P J, and OGH. And heck, to anyone else reading this who would like them.

    @Lis and Lenore: I started on a CPAP in 2006 and a BiPAP in 2010, and would never willingly be without it. (There was one night before I switched to a mouth-covering mask when I just could not clear my congested nose, and then a few nights when I was traveling and the machine broke down.) I’m glad to hear of others who have benefited too.

  15. @Ryan H: I didn’t take away that massive paperwork, or even a complicated process was necessary; ISTM that the emphasis was on trying to get a problem solved at its own level first, and working up stepwise, which in theory is reasonable. However, the problem with this approach is that there is at most one pre-board level (and possibly none in practical terms) when the jackass wears a crown; I was … unimpressed … with the pictures of actions taken, given that they were all confirming that crown thus-and-such was right to expel so-and-so.

  16. @Cassy
    Lurker here (although I did manage to crash one of the File770 events by tagging along with Bruce A) and both my wife and I sent friend requests (to get to three ourselves) – Hypozeuxis and Jamisia

  17. @Mike Glyer: Great to “see” you and I send you well wishes and healthy thoughts. 😀 Keep improving and I hope you get to leave soon.

    And many thanks to Van Ekeren, Moen, and DB for their heroism!

    @Lee & @P J Evans: Good and healthy thoughts to you two, too! My best to you both and fingers crossed for the most positive outcomes for your health situations!

  18. @Mark (Kitteh): Thanks for the info! SFADB is mixing thing categories (like Best LOCUS) with person categories (like Best Mike/Michael), but I get it. More and more often, everyone vaguely connected with something gets listed and gets a Hugo, so the lists of “who’s won a Hugo?” grows quicker than it seems, sometimes.

    @PokeFans: I play a much sillier game than Pokemon – The Simpsons: Tapped Out! If anyone wants to be my neighbor/friend there, heck, why not! Look for Kendall plus the letter p and the letter b (uh, I think; and I forget if I have numbers after that). 😉 I play games that take zero brain power. Oh and don’t make fun of how horribly disorganized my Springfield is; I’m very lazy. I keep saying I’ll blow it up and organize it, but I never get around to doing that.

    (I suspect no one here plays Tapped Out, but worth a shot.)

    @Cheryl S.: “It was a woman I used to know and love (my ex got her in the divorce), so I got to catch up with an old friend later in the week.”

    How lovely! 🙂

  19. I sent a friend request to Lin and JohnFromGR. My nick is Nattkorpen and my Pokemon Trainer ID is 1164 5215 9203.

  20. @Lee and @PJ Evans: ObXKCD. Also, I’ll offer my contribution to the art of double dactyls, from nine years back:

    Showed up a gland that had
    Thrown me some curves.

    Medical lit’rature
    Sends methods to yank flesh
    That gets on my nerves.

    (Pat the linac for me.)

  21. John from GR and Andy (and spouse); got your requests and confirmed! I have to wonder who in Niantic headquarters thought it was a great idea to make people find three more friends, months after the friends thing was initialized and (presumably) everybody had already friended all their actual friends… They could have made it “have at least three friends” and that would have covered it! (Speaking as a somewhat shy and introverted nerd.)

  22. Andy, would you send a request to me too (id in earlier comment)? Missing one friend for new mission.

  23. @Rick Moen
    Three teeny dots, actually, spaced around lower ribcage. (I think, from the location, it’s for aligning me with the machine’s front edge.)

  24. @Lurkertype

    Pretty sure Weisskopf had also been on it legitimately in previous years — there’s only so many Long Form editors, after all, and she used to be less slapdash.

    You made me curious. And her nominations correspond to puppy campaigns. (She was on the Locus Award longlist prior.) I’d say she was one of the most honestly nominated puppy finalists though. I mean, if Baen is truly your favorite publisher, then she’s the logical one to credit. Unlike a lot of the rest which was no one’s idea of “best.”

  25. @Rick Moen

    @Peer: Oh, now you’ve done it. Now, I’m going to have to generate a photo essay in the living room, and title it Thirty-six Views of Mount Tsundoku. Starting, of course, with Under the Wave off Stillness

    Sorry, not Sorry! 😉
    As long as you link it

  26. I’m night-snorkeler adjacent.

    Mostly what it means to me is that I look at my husband and our toddler son in the morning, and I think they’re so cute when they’re curled up the same way… then never take a picture because I’m sure others would be put off by the weird mask.

  27. “Night-snorkelers”? <snork!> Ok, I like that term. I got my C-Pap machine back in February and it’s done wonders for my sleep. That is, after the first two weeks, during which my chest hurt from, you know, actually BREATHING while I slept…

  28. @Lee and P J Evans

    I hope it all goes as well as possible. I’ll be thinking good thoughts in your respective directions.

  29. I have friend requested a couple of you! I’m Wombattica, but you probably guessed that.

    Also, new CPAP user here, on my second week. Still weird, but more weird to realize that all that insomnia I thought I had was actually crappy Stage 1 Sleep.

  30. Craig, the first time I read the Night-Snorkeler remark, I assumed it was a Pokemon item, and Lenora was meant (I don’t remember if Lenora plays, but I know I don’t). So then when Lenora talked about not taking pictures of husband and kid because of the mask, I was very confused. Took a bit of scrolling to resolve. As I said elsewhere, my brain is a bit foggy today.

    Anyway, I like it.

  31. @Lee and @PJ Evans
    Best wishes to both of you.

    And if anybody needs any more Poke Friends, my trainer ID is 3189 9821 0314. Though I think I’m already friends with a couple of you.

  32. @PJ: “Radioactive Suspenders” is the name of my next band. We will be better, or at least quieter, than the terrible one that took such a toll on Mike’s health! A Filer wrote a Yelp review of the place, incl. band.

    @Cheryl S: Serendipity!

    @Laura: I sit corrected. So even with years of experience, she only got on the ballot through (other people, not her) cheating. I’m kinda surprised she’d never been on before, but then I think about the extreme lack of editing they do over there at Baen and my surprise lessens. It certainly isn’t an example of “Best”. I’ve read stuff that wasn’t even spellchecked, much less proofread. You could run the stuff through MS Word and it’d be better. Clippy would do better.

    Which I guess explains her on the Locus list at 14th through 22nd place — and apparently being associated with Puppies even stopped that, as she hasn’t been there since 2015. Kinda counterproductive for your favorite editor, eh boys?

    I only play Neko Atsume, because it’s not enough I have real credentials hassling me, I have to have them virtually as well.

    I would like to be a night-snorkeler, but the docs say I’m not bad enough. Should probably try again, snooooooorKK is how I wake up.

  33. It’s not very surprising she only got on the ballot during puppy years. Outside Bujold, the stuff Baen publishes doesn’t resonate much with Worldcon nominators. Those who love it love it and that’s great, but the plurality of nominators enjoy other stuff.

    Add to that the copyediting and proofreading problems Baen has had for a long time, and well.

    Then she didn’t help herself by refusing to provide any information in the packet on the works she did edit, and stating all Baen editors were equally responsible for all Baen books. It’s hard enough to judge a long form editor’s quality and that made it impossible.

  34. @ULTRAGOTHA: Exactly so, about Toni Weisskopf providing in effect no information. I assume you’re talking about the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Editor Long Form, where she provided for the Hugo Packet only a one-paragraph statement that she’d decided to submit nothing because ‘editor long form’ covers such a wide breadth of work that she’d have to send all the books Baen published in 2014.

    Immediately after Sasquan, Eric Flint brought the matter up on his blog, charging that the WSFS electorate had indiscriminately wielded No Award as a cudgel just for reasons of emotional gratification, without thinking through the consequences. Although I could speak only for myself as a voter, I politely but emphatically disagreed, and replied with a detailed analysis of, in particular, that year’s Best Editor Long Form choices (and detailing various legitimate, constructive, and entirely non-emotive uses of No Award that have existed all along).

    To my surprise, I got several thoughtful responses. Readers here may find that discussion interesting.

    In a nutshell, my take on the 2015 Best Editor Long Form choices was that 2015 Hugo voters had essentially none of the information they’d have needed to cast an informed and careful vote. I also cited the reasons for my view that the entire category needs to be terminated (which alone justifies voting No Award as first choice, if one so judges).

  35. I’d definitely like to see more development of the idea that’s been kicking around of changing editors and semiprozine to imprint, anthology or collection, and pro magazine. Kevin Standlee started discussing it a few years ago, but then slate fixes and adding other awards took precedence.

    I love Sheila Gilbert’s Hugo packet submissions. It’s been a yearly DAW sampler. But even with that, it’s hard to judge. And especially hard to figure out who to nominate.

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