Vincent Preis 2022 and Rein A. Zondergeld Preis Nominees

The Vincent Preis 2022 and the Rein A. Zondergeld Preis finalists have been announced.

Thanks to Cora Buhlert for providing the English translations.

2022 REIN A. ZONDERGELD – PREIS for secondary and tertiary literary contributions to the fantasy genre

Best Non-Fiction Book

Best Short Non-Fiction

  • Alessandra Reß – “Sonnenseiten, Sonnenzeiten. Geschichte und Entwicklung des Solarpunk” in Sonnenseiten: Street-Art trifft Solarpunk (“Sunny sides, sunny times – History and development of Solarpunk” in Sunny Sides: Street Art meets Solarpunk)
  • “Future Fiction Talk: SF in Afrika – Interview mit Peter J. Maurits” in Future Fiction 2 (“Future Fiction Talk: SF in Africa – Interview with Peter J. Maurits” in Future Fiction 2)
  • Nadine Muriel – “Abspann” in Das geheime Sanatorium (“End Credits” in The Secret Sanatorium
  • Silke Brandt – “Post-Exotizismus: Antoine Volodines Dystopie einer Zweiten Sowjetunion” in Das Science Fiction Jahr 2022 (“Post-Exoticism: Antoine Volodine’s Dystopia of a second Soviet Union” in The Science Fiction Year 2022


Bester Novel – National

Best International Literary Work

Best Short Story

  • Günther Kienle – “Shearwater Cave” in Mysterien der See (Mysteries of the Sea)
  • Jörg Fuchs Alameda – “Schwere See” in Mysterien der See (“Heavy Sea” in Mysteries of the Sea)
  • Oliver Müller – “Im Namen der heiligen Jungfrau Maria” (“In the Name of the Holy Virgin Mary”) in Dark Empire
  • Thomas Karg – “Key Hot, meine Damen!” in Mysterien der See (“Key Hot, My Ladies!” in Mysteries of the Sea)
  • Thomas Lohwasser & Vanessa Kaiser – “Das Mysterium der See” in Mysterien der See (“The Mystery of the Sea” in Mysteries of the Sea)
  • Vincent Voss – “Die große Flut” in Alraune 2 (“The Great Flood” in Mandrake Root 2)

Best Anthology/Magazine

Best Short Story Collection

Best Horror Artwork

Best Horror Dime Novel

These are monthly or weekly 64-page fiction magazines in A5 format, which are sold at newsstands. They come in a variety of genres and are either long-running series centered around a single character (John Sinclair and Professor Zamorra are both occult detectives) or anthology series offering different stories every issue such as Gespenster-Krimi

Special Award

The nominations for the special award were suggested by the Marburger Verein für Phantastik (Marburg Fantasy Club). However, the winner will be determined by vote, as in all categories.

  • Eric Hantsch for many years of organising the Vincent-Preis, for his work as an editor and publisher and his services to fandom and classic.
  • Erik Schreiber for decades of supporting fandom, e.g. via his Bücherbrief (Book Letter).
  • Fritz Tenkrat – posthumously for his life’s work. Fritz Tenkrat was a prolific Austrian writer of dime novels in the horror, gothic romance and mystery and crime genres under a variety of pen names. He died in August 2022.
  • Jörg Kaegelmann for years of commitment of the publisher BLITZ-Verlag to German language fantasy.
  • Joachim Otto for decades of work in fandom as owner of the shop “Romantruhe“ (Novel Chest) and particularly for reprinting the Dr. Morton series of horror novels
  • JMB-Verlag for the series Kabinett der Phantasten (Cabinet of Fantasists), which reprints classic dark fantasy
  • Uwe Sommerlad for building bridges e.g. between the British genre film and German fandom

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  2. I read the John Sinclair dime novels more than 35 years ago. Me or my brother still have some of the fist ones around somewhere…

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