Vonda Visits Versailles

As well as Game of Thrones is doing lately is it any wonder that moviemakers are busy filming the novel that beat it for the Nebula Award?

Okay, so I’m overstating the connection, but I’m glad Vonda McIntyre’s The Moon and the Sun is coming to the screen.

The film stars Pierce Brosnan as Louis XIV, an aging king in search of immortality. Producers were allowed to shoot on location at Versailles last month. Now they’re back in Australia completing the movie on sound stages.

Vonda flew over to Versailles to visit the production:

I was welcomed enthusiastically and with many compliments about the story by everyone I met. As a result, even this classic introvert felt comfortable chatting with a number of members of the production — producers, director, cast members, musicians, the composer, the script supervisor, the IT folks, security. And several people’s mums, all of whom were charming and proud and fun to talk to.

French TV news showed her seated beside Pierce Brosnan in his kingly attire (above).

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