Vote for Faned Awards

Voting in the 2014 Faned Awards is open until October 1 at midnight (PST)

Created by R. Graeme Cameron, the award  recognizes excellence in Canadian fanzines – no matter where the contributor is from. In the same spirit, this year he’s letting anyone in the world who reads Canadian zines vote, too.

Voting is done manually – mark the eligibility list below and e-mail the text to Cameron at — rgraeme(at)

Instructions and eligibility list follows the jump.

You have up to six votes per category. Type ‘1’ beside your first choice, ‘2’ beside your second choice, & so on. Then send it in an e-mail to rgraeme(at)

BEST FANZINE (Space Cadet not eligible because won last year):

Auroran Lights –

BCSFAzine –

Broken Toys –

Ecdysis –

Fanactical Fanactivist –

Impulse –

One Swell Foop –

Opuntia –

OSFS Statement –

Swill –

Warp –


BEST WRITER (R. Graeme Cameron not eligible cause won last year):

Michael Bertrand –

Keith Braithwaite –

Jonathan Crowe –

Lester Rainsford –

Dale Speirs –

Garth Spencer –

Sylvain St-Pierre –

Tamara Vardomskaya –

Taral Wayne –

Neil Williams –


BEST LOC WRITER (Lloyd Penney not eligible cause won last year)

Michael Bertrand –

Jason Burnett –

Sheryl Birkhead –

Ned Brooks –

Brad Foster –

Brent Francis –

Dave Haren –

Eric Mayer –

Bill Patterson –

Steve Stiles –


BEST ARTIST (Taral Wayne not eligible cause won last year):

Brad Foster (BCSFAzine, One Swell Foop, Space Cadet) –

Teddy Harvia (Space Cadet) –

Marquise (Warp) –

Jennifer Seely (Ecdysis) –

Bernard Reischl (Warp) –

Steve Stiles (Space Cadet) –


Thank you for voting!

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  1. Bill Mumy portrayed the same character, the little boy now grown up, still the terror of the town, in a sequel to the original teleplay on one of the The Twilight Zone revival series’.

  2. A little non-sequitur never hurt anyone. And it show’s whether or not Mike is a sleep at the switch…

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