2015 Faned Winners

Certificate art by Taral Wayne.

Certificate art by Taral Wayne.

At VCON 40 last weekend, R. Graeme Cameron announced the 2015 Faned winners (for 2014 fanac).


Winner: Taral Wayne

1st runner-up = Jean-Pierre Normand

2nd runner-up = Teddy Harvia


Winner: Dale Speirs

1st runner-up = R. Graeme Cameron

2nd runner-up = Felicity Walker


Winner: Lloyd Penney

1st runner-up = Sheryl Birkhead

2nd runner-up = Murray Moore


Winner: BCSFAzine

1st Runner-up = Space Cadet

2nd runner-up = Opuntia


Joseph ‘Beak’ Taylor — Eight-Ball/Canadian Fandom.

The Graeme adds:

I’ll be sending out PDFs of the certificate soon (so winners can print their own choice of paper), but I’ll also send them a high quality paper/print version as soon as I can arrange it.

Also, looks like there will finally be trophies to hand out to all the winners past and present sometime in late spring. A very talented local artist name of Russ Quick believes he can accomplish this easily and inexpensively once certain other projects of his are out of the way. The 7-inch-tall Faneds will be molded in resin, and come in a variety of colours including clear with sparkly bits or maybe a metallic sheen. ach winner will receive a trophy for their initial win, and then little inscribed plaques to add to the base as the years and victories roll by.

Vote for the Faned Awards

Sample Faned Awards certificate by Taral Wayne.

Example of 2011 Faned Awards certificate by Taral Wayne.

Voting in the fifth annual Faned Awards is open until September 28, 2015.

Created by R. Graeme Cameron, the award recognizes excellence in Canadian fanzines – no matter where the contributor is from.

  • Anyone of any nationality who contributed to Canadian Fanzines is eligible.
  • Anyone of any nationality who reads Canadian SFF&F Fanzines may vote.

There are five categories: Best Artist, Best Writer, Best Letter of Comment Writer, Best Canadian Fanzine (which are voted on by readers) and Hall of Fame (which is juried).

Winners receive a certificate illustrated by Taral Wayne and, eventually, once an inexpensive method of reproduction is established, a magnificent “Faned” sculpture designed by Eric Chu and sculpted by Lawrence Prime.

Says the Graeme —

In an era when science fiction fandom has gone mainstream (a good thing by the way) the “Faneds” remain devoted to celebrating traditional science fiction fanzine fandom (also a good thing) in Canada (in terms of publications) and throughout the world (in terms of contributors).

Past issues of the award newsletter, The Fanactical Fanactivist, can be found at eFanzines.

Voting is done manually – mark the eligibility list below and e-mail the text to Cameron at — rgraeme(at)shaw.ca

Instructions and eligibility list follows the jump.

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2013 Faned Award Certificate Unveiled

Hall_of_Fame_2013 COMPCreator of the Faned Award certificate Taral Wayne says, “For the third year in a row, one small detail of the certificate has been altered… look for it!”

I can see several changes from the 2011 edition. Can readers spot all of them?

I do wonder why the current certificate lists the award year as 2013. Maybe that’s one change that still needs to be made…

Fanac_Awards_2011_-_Unknown_Faned resized

2014 Faned Awards

Here are the results of the Faned Awards balloting. The winners were unveiled at VCON 39 on October 5 by R. Graeme Cameron.

(Point system applied. 1st choice = 6 points, 2nd choice = 5 points, etc.)

BEST WRITER (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2013)

Winner: Taral Wayne (97 points)
1st runner-up: Dale Speirs (51 points)
2nd runner-up: Garth Spencer (48 points)

BEST LOC WRITER (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2013)

Winner: Brad Foster (55 points)
1st runner-up: Eric Mayer (51 points)
2nd runner-up: Sheryl Birkhead (47 points)

BEST ARTIST (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2013)

Winner: Brad Foster (95 points)
1st runner-up: Steve Stiles (70 points)
2nd runner-up: Teddy Harvia (51 points)


Winner: Broken Toys, editor Taral Wayne (87 points)
1st runner-up: BCSFAzine, editor Felicity Walker (62 points)
2nd runner-up: Opuntia, editor Dale Speirs (58 points)


Fred Hurter Jr., editor of Censored from June 1941 to 1951, a fanzine noted for its high quality silkscreen covers and wide-ranging variety of content. Surpassed Light and inspired the creation of the fanzine Canadian Fandom.

[Thanks to R. Graeme Cameron for the story.]

How Many Voted For the Faneds?

R. Graeme Cameron teases our interest in the Faned Awards by releasing the vote count – 25 in all, 12 Canadian, 13 American. But we have to wait ‘til VCON for him to reveal the winners.

The Graeme says that by Faned Award standards 25 votes constitutes an earth-shattering improvement over last year’s 19.

Bearing in mind I released the ballot only a few days ago (cause I wasted so much time working on the VCON program book), the results aren’t bad.

Next year, as I won’t be doing the program book, I’ll start my ballot publicity at least a month or two before the deadline. The number of voters might well shoot up as high as 30 as a result.

Vote for Faned Awards

Voting in the 2014 Faned Awards is open until October 1 at midnight (PST)

Created by R. Graeme Cameron, the award  recognizes excellence in Canadian fanzines – no matter where the contributor is from. In the same spirit, this year he’s letting anyone in the world who reads Canadian zines vote, too.

Voting is done manually – mark the eligibility list below and e-mail the text to Cameron at — rgraeme(at)shaw.ca

Instructions and eligibility list follows the jump.

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Radical Reform Of The Faned Awards

R. Graeme Cameron, Founder and sole member of the non-registered and non-existent Canadian Fanzine Fanac Society and administrator of his self-invented Faned Awards has decreed all the world should enroll and vote in this year’s awards – a radical change from the Canadian-only rule of prior years. He explains:

Last year 19 people voted. Considering the size of Canada compared to the United States, this compares rather favourably with the FAAn Awards (roughly ten times as many voted for the latter).

However, 19 votes is rather meagre. Canadian fanzine fandom hasn’t exactly been expanding at an exponential rate of late. What to do?

Since most of the fan artists active in Canadian zines are American, many of the letter of comments coming from outside Canada, some of writing content likewise, and there’s a distinct possibility most of the readership resides in other lands, I have decided to throw open the Faned voting process to ANYONE who reads Canadian zines. The emphasis will still be focused on Canadian zines exclusively, but the vote will be open to any and all loyal readers of those zines, no matter which county they live in.

I will distribute ballot information in an upcoming issue of The Fanactical Fanactivist within a week, along with instructions on how to vote (email) and who can vote (certified fanzine fans who read Canadian zines).

My goal, this year, is to DOUBLE the number of votes. Staggering concept, what?

Unboundaried ambition, I’d say!

Fanac_Awards_2011_-_Unknown_Faned small

2013 Faned Awards

The winners of the 2013 Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards have been announced. For the first time they were selected by popular vote. Some related voting statistics are here.

Hall of Fame: Leslie A. Croutch (for 1940s/50s fanac, & zine Light)
Best Fan Artist: Taral Wayne
Best Letter of Comment Writer: Lloyd Penney
Best Fan Writer: R. Graeme Cameron
Best Fanzine: Space Cadet, by R. Graeme Cameron

[Via Taral Wayne and SF Site News.]