Radical Reform Of The Faned Awards

R. Graeme Cameron, Founder and sole member of the non-registered and non-existent Canadian Fanzine Fanac Society and administrator of his self-invented Faned Awards has decreed all the world should enroll and vote in this year’s awards – a radical change from the Canadian-only rule of prior years. He explains:

Last year 19 people voted. Considering the size of Canada compared to the United States, this compares rather favourably with the FAAn Awards (roughly ten times as many voted for the latter).

However, 19 votes is rather meagre. Canadian fanzine fandom hasn’t exactly been expanding at an exponential rate of late. What to do?

Since most of the fan artists active in Canadian zines are American, many of the letter of comments coming from outside Canada, some of writing content likewise, and there’s a distinct possibility most of the readership resides in other lands, I have decided to throw open the Faned voting process to ANYONE who reads Canadian zines. The emphasis will still be focused on Canadian zines exclusively, but the vote will be open to any and all loyal readers of those zines, no matter which county they live in.

I will distribute ballot information in an upcoming issue of The Fanactical Fanactivist within a week, along with instructions on how to vote (email) and who can vote (certified fanzine fans who read Canadian zines).

My goal, this year, is to DOUBLE the number of votes. Staggering concept, what?

Unboundaried ambition, I’d say!

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3 thoughts on “Radical Reform Of The Faned Awards

  1. Of course, that will skew voting towards those available on eFanzines.

    Voting for the Nova Awards, meanwhile, remains confined to the British Isles.

  2. It’s amusing that the UK can manage to have a sizable fanzine fandom, even though the entire British Isles could fit into one corner of most Canadian provicnces … and we have ten of them … and two three territories that are bigger than Europe all together. But the reality is, Canada has slightly less than half of the popution that Great Britain does, and stretching our meager 32,000,000 people over half a continent breaks them up into much smaller enclaves. The situation seems to preclude forming the tight little tribal community that British fandom is.

  3. Steve is absolutely correct. But. Given that the vast majority of Canadian Readers reading Canadian Zines that are not at efanzines didn’t bother voting… that some of the nominated Faneds didn’t even bother voting… reaching out to a wider readership wherever they can be found, if they are willing to vote, even if it skews the vote away from certain zines, is worthwhile, my point being the readers of those non-efanzines zines themselves skew the vote by not voting.

    And Taral nailed it as well. Canada has multiple mini-tribes not much interested in each other.

    But then, even as a kid I fantasized about lost causes. More romantic somehow. Jousting at windmills has great appeal for me, as opposed to a steady job pouring grain into the grinding stones the windmill powers.

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