How Many Voted For the Faneds?

R. Graeme Cameron teases our interest in the Faned Awards by releasing the vote count – 25 in all, 12 Canadian, 13 American. But we have to wait ‘til VCON for him to reveal the winners.

The Graeme says that by Faned Award standards 25 votes constitutes an earth-shattering improvement over last year’s 19.

Bearing in mind I released the ballot only a few days ago (cause I wasted so much time working on the VCON program book), the results aren’t bad.

Next year, as I won’t be doing the program book, I’ll start my ballot publicity at least a month or two before the deadline. The number of voters might well shoot up as high as 30 as a result.

One thought on “How Many Voted For the Faneds?

  1. Nuts. This has been up for two days and has no comments! It’s typical of the lack of enthusiasm for Canadian fandom! For instance, to get those 25 ballots, I had to work hard padding the return. I forwarded blank ballot forms to friends who had only the least acquaintance of fandom, so that Graeme would get a few extra ballots to count. Naturally, I expect this will affect the final results — but in an attempt to balance the bias of my friends, I didn’t vote for myself in any category. What worries me is that before my padding, Graeme seems to actually have received *fewer* ballots than last year. What will we do *next* year — permit any member of a hominid species to cast a vote? Will it work? On the positive side, once again I will be lettering the certificates going to the winners, and — as every year — one small detail in the background will be altered so that no two year’s certificates are ever exactly the same. So if you’re a Canadian faned, you’ll want them all!

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