Watch This Space

By Jameson Quinn: The discussion here of Hugo reform proposals (3SV, EPH+, etc.) will have a new thread anon.

There’s a bit of a delay to make sure we’re not stepping on the toes of the people who were already working on this issue.

As soon as we work this out, we’ll have a post that summarizes and explains a set of proposals from the previous threads, and a chance to discuss things further.

5 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. Micky. Thanks for keeping us posted, and to @Mike Glyer for posting your note. I’m confused about the toe-stepping, but I’m happy there’s communication happening, so it’s all good.

    I look forward to the next post. No rush – 800-comment threads are a bear! 😉

  2. Good to know what your mysterious comment meant on the other thread. Hope things with the other group gets worked out. I look forward to an update.

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