Watchmen’s Hugo Win Remembered

Two magazines adding their bit to the Watchmen movie’s pre-release publicity frenzy have cited the comic’s 1988 Hugo victory in the one-shot Best Other Forms category.

Steven Silver told the Smofs list that the February 27 issue of Entertainment Weekly — released with six different covers featuring Watchmen characters – lists the Hugo win among the comic’s accolades, accompanied with a photo of the Nolacon II Hugo trophy.

Wired‘s article “Filming the Unfilmable” also mentions the Hugo:

When legendary comics writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons created Watchmen in 1986, the Owlship didn’t have chain guns. Which means Snyder’s version, while inarguably cool, is also very risky. Adapting a cult comic into a Hollywood blockbuster is fraught with danger, especially when it’s the only superhero comic book ever to win a Hugo Award or land on Time’s list of the top 100 novels. Even slight changes to Watchmen, changes that will enhance its appeal to the masses, seem certain to alienate the very people who loved it in the first place.

[Via Steven Silver and the Smofs list.]

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