Westercon 66 Picks Guests

Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge.

Westercon 66, coming to Sacramento in 2013, has named its GoHs.

Author Guests of Honor are Nicola Griffith, multi-award-winning novelist and editor of several anthologies, and Kelley Eskridge, author of a New York Times Notable novel and prize-winning short fiction, who chairs the Clarion West Writers Workshop board.

Artist Guest of Honor Eric Shanower and Small Press Special Guest David Maxine are Wizard of Oz devotees whose shared fanac developed into a comfortable professional life. Eric Shanower has created Oz-based comic books, written Oz novels and Marvel graphic novelizations of Baum’s Oz books. David Maxine runs Hungry Tiger Press, which specializes in Oz-related publications.

Fan Guests of Honor are “The Three Who Rule,” Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky, Chris Burgess, from the Doctor Who-themed podcast Radio Free Skaro, voted the most popular Doctor Who podcast by members of Gallifrey Base.

Westercon 66 co-chair Andrew Trembly says:

We think this slate will both satisfy Westercon traditionalists on many grounds, and at the same time make them think about writing, art and fanac they may not have really noticed in the past. We also think these guests will draw the attention of fans who have wondered why they should spend their hard-earned dollars to come to another convention, or who didn’t even know about Westercon in the first place.

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