Will GRRM Get To Screen “The Interview”?

Sony is making The Interview available at a limited number of theaters on Christmas Day. The studio initially cancelled plans for its release after hacker attacks and other threats to public safety caused major theater chains to refuse to show it.

George R.R. Martin criticized the decision on his blog and offered to show the film in his own Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe. Now that several independent theaters, including the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, have announced Christmas Day showings, he is trying to arrange a screening in Santa Fe too.

Update 12/23/2014: And the answer is — YES!

George R.R. Martin says The Interview will open at the Cocteau on Christmas Day — four showings. “We were otherwise going to be closed on Christmas. We’re opening just for this film, and will devote the whole day to it…. So come join us, and celebrate Christmas… and free speech… with Seth Rogen.”

The movie is booked for a full run, so The Interview will play there for two weeks in rotation with the other films they’d already committed to.

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5 thoughts on “Will GRRM Get To Screen “The Interview”?

  1. Good luck. Hope you are able to show it. While the reviews suggest that it is a turkey, freedom of expression is always worth fighting for.

  2. I will be sure to send G.R.R.’s funeral a wreath after the army of drug-crazed North Korean commandos descend upon his theatre and slaughters everyone for blocks around before burning down the town and poisoning the wildlife.

  3. But think of what a bonus feature the video would make on the next GAME OF THRONES dvd! 😉

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