Wonder Woman Roundup

By Carl Slaughter: (1) “Wonder Woman Movie’s Most Important Scene”.

(2) “Why Wonder Woman Has the Most Powerful Opening Scene In Comic Movie History” in Esquire.

(3) “Wonder Woman: 15 Movie Moments That CRUSH Sexism” at ScreenRant.

(4) “Fox News Mulls Over Whether Wonder Woman Is ‘American’ Enough”

(5) A few male reviewers bash Wonder Woman. “‘Wonder Woman’ Is Historic, But Some Male Critics Couldn’t Help Being Condescending”

(6) During a brief and disastrous period, DC ruined Wonder Woman by trying to Marvel-ize her with a mod makeover. They took away her kingdom, her membership in the Justice League, her superpowers, her feminist and humanist values, her costume and weapons, even her masthead. They even took Steve Trevor from her. They turned her into a fashionista, gave her a crime fighting partner, and put her through kung fu training. They gave half a dozen Steve Trevor replacements.

(7) 17 versions of Wonder Woman. “Weird, WTF Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman” at ScreenRant.

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14 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Roundup

  1. @Ghostbird

    Erg. Talk about hyper-politicizing everything about the film.

    I was dropping out of their commentary until I hit the “couldn’t she just lasso their weapons away so she wouldn’t have to kill them” nonsense. Then I just lost it.

    Nope. Nopenopenopenopitynope.

    When a good soldier runs out of bullets, they pick up a knife, a shovel, or a stone and keep fighting. The threat isn’t the weapon. It is the person holding it.

    A copy of the book Starship Troopers might be educationally productive for those two ladies.

    @Mark – well they have to pay the bills somehow.


  2. @ Dann
    Interesting review once the guy put most of his cultural baggage away about halfway through, though he couldn’t resist a little slap at Sammy. (Somebody should explain racism in the theatre to him, especially when “the white man’s burden” was actually taken seriously.)

    Thanks for the collection, Carl Slaughter! I had seen most of the pieces but collecting them makes them more powerful.

  3. @Dann Talk about hyper-politicising everything…

    Sorry, yes – the “and” was in the spirit of adding an item to the list. I didn’t mean to suggest it was a piece you in particular would enjoy or get much out of.

    When a good soldier runs out of bullets…

    Lots of questions here. It’s perhaps worth thinking about what kind of soldiers you might find in a conscript army in WW1, or how Marston’s 1940s Wonder Woman might have behaved, or the different uses and meanings of violence in a superhero story and a war story, or even what other ideas of a good soldier there might be…

  4. Dann: Here’s a report from the guy that bought a ticket to the “all female” showing in NYC.

    No, he didn’t. He bought a ticket to an earlier movie, and when it was over, he skipped across the hall and snuck in to see Wonder Woman. I find it very interesting that the author of that piece complains about the illegality of gender-based discrimination but totally ignores the issue of his theft from the theatre by attending a movie and taking up a seat for which he had not paid.

  5. @JJ

    To be fair, he appears to have bought a ticket to WW, and then bought an earlier ticket as well so he didn’t have to stand in the WW queue and go through the staff who might point out to him that he was being an ass.

    (Which doesn’t make him any less of an ass, but I guess he didn’t want to listen to anyone telling him so)


    I wasn’t referring to ads – I’m certainly not whitelisting HeatSt, so I didn’t see any. The “sidebar of shame” is a term for the notorious Daily Mail sidebar of celebrity prurience and sleezy headlines. Heat St has a sidebar that currently appears to be pointing up all their sex-related stories that they can illustrate with a partially-nude woman, stories which are notably different to what’s on their front page. I was commenting on their top quality display of editorial standards.

  6. JJ, in most of my local theaters, that’s no longer possible. You buy a ticket to a specific seat. (Well, I suppose you could do this if you had expectations that the theater would be half-empty and you deliberately sat in a bad seat with the expectation that nobody would have bought it.)

    There are very few theaters with open seating left. On the plus side, the seats in the ticketted-seating theaters are plush, comfy recliners…

  7. @ Ghostbird
    Thanks, I enjoyed Petit & Sarkeesian’s discussion. They raised some good points.

  8. @Cassy B: OMMV; AFAICT there are only 2 reserved-seat theaters in reach of Boston — one new (replacement for a gum-sodden wreck less than 40 years old) and one rebuilt — while others (including several plexes) are still open. As noted previously, I have issues with the new seating — it’s just too damn deep unless I go into full-recliner setup, but I like to sit up while watching.

    @4: count on Faux to be jackasses.

  9. Cassy B: in most of my local theaters, that’s no longer possible. You buy a ticket to a specific seat. (Well, I suppose you could do this if you had expectations that the theater would be half-empty and you deliberately sat in a bad seat with the expectation that nobody would have bought it.)

    Which it appears from what he said is what he did.

    I live in quite a large city, and have been to several of the multiplex theatres here. Once you’re past the ticket-taker, there is no one to stop you from ducking into a different cinema room than the one for which you’ve purchased your ticket. If someone says “that’s my seat”, you can just say “oops, sorry” and move to a different one. Unless a showing is sold out, a non-legal viewer is not likely to get caught.

  10. Dude who snuck into the all-women showing was a douche who seemed disappointed he was just ignored in a mannerly fashion, and was reduced to picking on the women for cheering at Jason Momoa’s bare chest. Despite the rest of the audience’s mannerly treatment of the reviewer, the commenters were commiserating with him for bravely being so long among those horrid feminists, who dare to want something so unreasonable as to enjoy one film without a bro who came with the express purpose to condescend at them among them.

  11. Thanks for the round-up, Carl. I’d seen most of those links already, but it’s nice to have them in one place.

    Thanks for the Feminist Frequency link as well. That’s a great discussion and they also address something that bothers me and that I have seen hardly any of the many Wonder Woman reviews tackle, namely the stereotyped German villains and that they’re treated basically as cannon fodder.

    That guy who snuck into the “women only” screening is just a jerk.

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