Wonderland Book Awards 2021

The winners of the Wonderland Book Awards 2021 were announced November 21, celebrating the best bizarro fiction titles released in 2020. Although the pandemic preempted Bizarro Con, where the awards are traditionally hosted, an unofficial event was held outside Portland, OR to present the awards.


Winner: The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson (Saga Press)        

Other finalists;

  • We Need To Do Something by Max Booth III (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)
  • Negative Space by B. R. Yeager (Apocalypse Party)
  • The Bad Box by Carlton Mellick III (Eraserhead Press)
  • All Men Are Trash by Gina Ranalli (Madness Heart Press) 


Winner: Don’t F[Bleep]K With The Coloureds by Andre Duza (Deadite Press)

Other finalists:

  • Gridlocked by Cody Goodfellow (Kingshot Press)
  • Cradleland Of Parasites by Sara Tantlinger (Strangehouse Books)
  • The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories by Brett Petersen (Clash Books)
  • The Comfort Zone And Other Safe Spaces by Tom Over (NihilismRevised)


  • Sabbath Of The Fox-Devils by Sam Richard (WeirdPunk)
  • The Wingspan Of Severed Hands by Joanna Koch (WeirdPunk)
  • The Mud Ballad by Jo Quenell (WeirdPunk)
  • Seventeen Names For Skin by Roland Blackburn (WeirdPunk)
  • The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off by Andrew J. Stone (Bizarro Pulp Press)
  • Killer Unconquered by Chris Lambert (Kingshot Press)
  • Tales Of Unspeakable Taste by John Bruni (Bizarro Pulp Press).

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