2008 Rotsler Award

Toronto-area artist Taral Wayne has won the Rotsler Award, given annually for long-time artistic achievement in amateur publications of the science fiction community. Established in 1998, it carries an honorarium of US$300.
The award will be formally announced on Saturday, November 29, 2008, at the Los Angeles local science fiction convention “Loscon”, held every year over the U.S. Thanksgiving Day weekend.
Taral’s work is by turns serious, sexy, and satirical, with a fluent line and strong composition. At home with space equipment and strange creatures, he was also drawing anthropomorphic animals long before most in North America had heard of anime or manga. The Rotsler Award is sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, a non-profit corporation, which in 2006 hosted the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention. The award is named for the late Bill Rotsler, a talented and prolific artist over many years. Current judges are Mike Glyer, John Hertz, and Claire Brialey.

The 2008 Loscon [www.loscon.org] will be the 35th. An exhibit honoring Taral’s work will be in the Art Show.

For more about the Rotsler Award, visit www.scifiinc.org/rotsler/.

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