2015 Utopiales Awards Shortlists

Prix Utopiales EuorpeenFinalists have been announced for two awards presented at Utopiales, the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival.

The nominees for the Utopiales European Awards are:

  • Celle qui a tous les dons” (The Girl With All The Gifts), Mike Carey (translated by Nathalie Mège), éd. L’Atalante, 10/2014
  • Lum’en“, Laurent Genefort, éd. Le Bélial, 05/15
  • Thinking Eternity“, Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac, éd. Mnémos, 08/2014…
  • L’Adjacent” (The Adjacent), Christopher Priest (translated by Jacques Collin), éd. Denoël, 04/2015
  • L’Autre Ville” (The Other City), Michal Ajvaz (translated by Benoît Meunier), éd. Mirobole, 04/2015

The award recognizes a novel, or a collection, published in French during the eligibility period whose author is a citizen of a country belonging to the European Community. The prize has a cash value of 2000 euros.

The nominees for the Utopiales European Youth Awards are

  • Humains” (The Humans), Matt Haig (translated by Valérie Le Haig Plouhinec), éd. Hélium, août 2014
  • Ciel 1.0. L’hiver des machines“, Johan Heliot, éd. Gulf Stream Editeur, octobre 2014.
  • Mingus“, Keto von Waberer (translated by Jacqueline Chambon), éd. Le Rouergue jeunesse (Epik), janvier 2015
  • Memor : le monde d’après“, Kinga Wyrzykowska, éd. Bayard, mars 2015

The award ceremony will take place during the Utopiales International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes, October 29-November 2.

[Via Europa SF.]

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One thought on “2015 Utopiales Awards Shortlists

  1. I have always liked Laurent Genefort the author of Lum’en but I have yet to pick this one up because they haven’t done an ebook and I refuse to pay $50 Canadian for a copy.

    Tried reading Thinking Eternity but found it tedious so I gave up on it. I haven’t read L’Autre Ville but it doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy.

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