2017 Hugo Voter’s Packet Offers Interactive Games

Max Gladstone and Choice of Games have teamed up with the 2017 Hugo Awards to offer voters the unique opportunity to play two interactive adventure games based on the Best Series Finalist The Craft Sequence.

Voters can follow their personalized Hugo voting link to sign in, read the instructions, then enter their name at the bottom of the page. The page will then load their voting ballot and the links to the Hugo Voters Packet for each category; go to the Best Series section of the ballot and click on the “Get Steam Token for The Craft Sequence games” link. This will submit a request to Choice of Games, who will send a token to the voter which can be used to access the full games for free via the Steam platform (this is a free software download; see the linked page for system hardware and OS requirements).

The first 2 chapters of both of these interactive games are available to play online for free at the Choice of Games website:

Worldcon 75 members can request a new e-mail with their personalized link by going to members.worldcon.fi and entering the e-mail address used on their Worldcon 75 registration.

9 thoughts on “2017 Hugo Voter’s Packet Offers Interactive Games

  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve played Coice of the Deathless, and it’s a fun little text game that’s quite good at showing off the Craft Sequence. Obviously, the limitations mean that it’s not as unique as the books themselves, but it does a good job of conveying the setting and personality of the series.

  2. Is this a first? It feels like a first. Anyway, cool, I’ll try it out later this weekend!

  3. Is the mail with the token supposed to arrive immediately? I have not received one in an hour or so. (I’ve checked junk mail too, and messages on Steam.)

  4. Sweeeet! Thanks Max!

    I’ve played the first but not the second.

    But I’m going to do it later b/c like Tegan, I’ll probably get stuck in re-do hell.

    I don’t remember ever getting a free tie-in game in the packet.

    I’ll have to use hubby’s machine anyway, Steam doesn’t run on mine. Hmm, we got a new quad core PC what might be good for gaming… must be something else good and free there, right?

  5. These games were how I originally got into this series, very cool to see them included for all voters.

  6. I didn’t even know there were games related to the series. Cool way of adding another level of experience for the voters.

  7. @Johan P looks like the requests are being fulfilled by a human so a wait is normal (probably timezone dependent too)- I got mine after about 6 hours.

    I remember a friend recommending Choice of the Deathless to me years ago and I never got around to playing it – really looking forward to rectifying the mistake!

  8. I got my tokens and fulfilled them. I will wait until Hugo voting is over before trying to play the games lest I get sucked in. As Arifel said, it appears they are being sent out by a single person individually.

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