8 thoughts on “2018 ESFS Awards

  1. John Purcell: Good catch. On the other hand, these are screencaps of ESFS’ own announcement distributed via Dropbox. Chris and James will be at least mildly amused, don’t you think?

  2. I’m wondering if the Grand Master award was really to Geard Klein. I suspect they typoed Gerard Klein, or it glitched, since the e in Gerard has an acute accent on it really.

  3. Good point. WordPress’ tendency to turn some of these international characters into question marks is why I went with screencaps of the press release — which ironically is making it more difficult to fix the errors

  4. Good to know not all the typos are Mike’s. 🙂 Perhaps we can all appertain some French champagne or wine.

    Must admit I was picturing the bland pretty heroes of “Valerian” coming across Chris in his Fred Flintstone shirt.

  5. The ESFS gave Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets an AWARD?

    Considering that there were at least a dozen or so superior works (IMHO) of visual fantasy and science fiction released last year? It’s another sign of the Apocalypse if you ask me…

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