2018 Prix ActuSF de l’Uchronie Winners

The winners of the 2018 Prix Actusf de l’Uchronie has been announced by French publisher ActuSF.

Prix Littéraire

  • Rouille de Floriane Soulas, Scrineo, 2018

Prix Graphique

  • Le visiteur du Futur, La Brigade Temporelle série complète en 3 tomes, de Guillaume Lapeyre (Scénario), François Descraques (Dessin), Alexandre Desmassias (Dessin), Ankama, 2018

Prix Special

  • Star Marx, Guide de l’aventurier des mondes imaginaires de Maximilien Et La Moitie, illustré par David Cochard, Léha, 2017

The award is given for works in a specialized segment of sff field, described in the Wikipedia:

Uchronia refers to a hypothetical or fictional time-period of our world, in contrast to altogether fictional lands or worlds. A concept similar to alternate history but different in the manner that uchronic times are not easily defined.

Middle-Earth and the Hyborean Age are examples of uchronic settings.

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