2020 QSF Flash Fiction Contest Winners

The winning stories in Queer Sci Fi’s 2020 flash fiction contest were announced August 8. The theme for contestants’ 300-word speculative flash fiction stories was “innovation.”

These high-finishing stories are among the 120 collected in QSF’s new book Innovation: Queer Sci Fi’s Seventh Annual Flash Fiction Contest:


  • The Fleshsmith And The Metalsmith – Devon Widmer


  • Dragonslayer – E.M. Hamill


  • Antlers – K.A. Masters


  • “Are My High-Speed Underwater Sperm Darts Normal?” And Other Teen Questions by Brenna Harvey
  • Cuttles and Chthonic Curry by Ginger Streusel
  • A New Line of Communication by Jamie Lackey
  • An Original Use of Magic by C.L. McCartney
  • Connectivity by Cassidy Frazee
  • The Choice by David Gerrold


  • Moura Inovadora, by Emilia Agrafojo
  • Burnt Crystals, by Blaine D. Arden
  • The Price of Ingenuity, by Chris Bannor
  • Just Perfect, by Redfern Jon Barrett
  • Speak, by Brooke K. Bell
  • Abandon, by Jade Black
  • It Goes Without Saying, by Sydney Blackburn
  • To The Point of Invention, by Shannon Brady
  • The Emperor’s New Helmet, by Minerva Cerridwen
  • The Great Body-Swap of 2222, by Koji A. Dae
  • Divergence, by Andi Deacon
  • Ebony Heart, by Kellie Doherty
  • The Thing With the Bats, by Mary Francis
  • Connectivity, by Cassidy Frazee
  • Summer Construction, by Jasie Gale
  • You Wish, by James Alan Gardner
  • Regeneve, by J.S. Garner
  • The Choice, by David Gerrold
  • I Want a New Drug, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • Basement Bargain, by Jeff Jacobson
  • The Hope, by Susan James
  • Transformation, by Christopher Koehler
  • With Eight Little Eyes, by Mary Kuna
  • Cure for Dry Sales, by S S Long
  • An Original Use of Magic, by C.L. McCartney
  • Kabbalistic Yentes, LLC, by Milo Owen
  • A Family in Love, by Stephen B. Pearl
  • A Dire Need, by L.S. Reinholt
  • Cuttles and Chthonic Curry, by Ginger Streusel
  • I Doesn’t Matter, Of Quartz, by Noah K. Sturdevant
  • One More Night, by Nathaniel Taff
  • The Law of Leaky Abstractions, by T. T. Thomas
  • Appetite, by Andrew Vaillencourt
  • Light, by Eric Warren
  • Enchantrixx, by Shannon Yseult

[Via Locus Online.]

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