2020 Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees

The 2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards nominees have been announced. The awards recognize excellence in science fiction, fantasy and horror by New Zealanders.

The winners will be decided by a vote of the members of SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. and of the national convention, CoNZealand, to be held online July 29 – August 2, 2020.


Best Novel

Best Youth Novel

Best Novella / Novelette

Best Short Story

Best Collected Work

Best Professional Artwork

Best Professional Production/Publication

Best Dramatic Presentation


Best Fan Artwork

Best Fan Production/ Publication

Best Fan Writing

  • “SITREP” by Alex Lindsay, A monthly column in Phoenixine
  • “Welcome to the Con” by Grace Bridges, Geysercon Program Book


Best New Talent

Services to Fandom

Grace Bridges

Grace Bridges chaired GeyserCon and does a great deal to support writers and artists both nationally and internationally. She represents NZ well on an international stage and encourages young creators to practice and pursue their own dreams. She plays well with others and is a good example of positive fandom.

Grace Bridges has been an integral member of New Zealand’s fan community for over a decade. A writer, graphic artist, cosplayer, publisher, editor, gamer, speaker, panellist, mentor, and strong community activist. Grace fully embraces her role as both a creator and a fan of science fiction and fantasy. Her formal roles include serving as chair of the GeyserCon National science fiction and fantasy convention in Rotorua in June 2019, as a member of the Core of SpecFicNZ for close to a decade (and President of the group for much of that), and as an active member of Young New Zealand Writers (promoting and developing young creatives in science fiction and fantasy) from 2017 onwards. She promotes New Zealand genre work and fandom both locally and internationally and advocates for a science fiction and fantasy community which encourages inclusiveness for all. Most of Grace’s spare time over the past ten years has been devoted to growing and supporting our fan community—usually while dressed as Capt. Kathryn Janeway or as your favourite TimeLord—making her a highly worthy recipient of this award.

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Melanie Harding-Shaw

Mel has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Kiwi SFF and Worldcon. She has organized a local group of Wellington writers across the SFF spectrum,including those who are familiar with Kiwi fandom and those who have historically worked in the literary scene. She is also coordinating Kiwi SFF participants at CoNZealand, both ensuring a wide variety of voices and encouraging those who might not otherwise attend to consider doing so. She is involved both with SpecFicNZ and the New Zealand Society of Authors to bring all authors of speculative work together to share knowledge and resources and celebrate Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror writing in Aotearoa.

Note: Nominees are presented in randomised order.

The SJV Voter Packet is currently being assembled. Members of SFFANZ or CoNZealand are able to access the works in the SJV Voter Packet by following the instructions here.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognize excellence in Science Fiction
Fantasy and Horror by New Zealanders.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are given for work by fans and professionals that was undertaken completed or released in the year previous to voting. This year the works being voted on are from 2019. They are voted on by New Zealand fans (and this year, by CoNZealand members), and are presented at the National Science Fiction convention each year.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered by SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. SFFANZ supports Science Fiction and Fantasy in New Zealand and can be contacted at [email protected] .

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8 thoughts on “2020 Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees

  1. Congrats to all the finalists.
    The Vogel award ceremony is a great time that I got to participate in back on my DUFF trip.

  2. I didn’t even realize this was a thing. Now I’m just wondering if outsiders can nominate people from New Zealand or not…

    Congratulations to the nominees. Definitely a few fun choices.

  3. Warner Holme: I didn’t even realize this was a thing. Now I’m just wondering if outsiders can nominate people from New Zealand or not

    As I understand it, anyone can join SFFANZ:
    “SFFANZ is an association of people who wish to improve fandom in New Zealand.”

    … for $10 (NZD) a year, and members of SFFANZ get to nominate and vote for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. If not a member of SFFANZ, people who have a membership to the current NZ Natcon (which, in this year’s case, is CoNZealand) can also nominate and vote for the SJV Awards.

    In other words, if you’re a paid member of SFFANZ or the current NZ Natcon, you’re not an “outsider”, you’re someone who wishes to improve fandom in New Zealand, and you get to nominate people from NZ for the SJV Awards.

    So if it’s something that interests you, for about $6 USD a year you can participate in the Vogel Awards. 🙂

  4. Good to know.

    There are actually a couple of people in New Zealand I follow who do interesting work in more or less fan circles, so I’ll have to seriously consider that.

    Thank you guys for being so friendly as usual.

  5. One doesn’t even need to be an SFFANZ member to nominate – literally anyone can nominate, but your nomination does count for more if you are an SFFANZ member, so if you’re going to make the effort to nominate it’s likely worth signing up.

    You do need to be a member of SFFANZ or the relevant NatCon (including supporting membership) in order to vote though.

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