CoNZealand Announces Availability of Sir Julius Vogel Award Voter Packet

Sir Julius Vogel Award Trophies

CoNZealand has announced that the Sir Julius Vogel Awards Nominee Voter Packet has been made available to CoNZealand members via their website:

If you missed out on the Sir Julius Vogel Award voting packet the first time, we are pleased to announce that it is now available again. This time you can access it from the CoNZealand Members’ website. It is available until mid September. Access it here.

A list of the 2020 Sir Julius Vogel Award nominees can be seen here.

Access to the SJV Voter Packet will be limited to those with Supporting or Attending memberships to CoNZealand. Members who have issues accessing the voter packet should contact [email protected].

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9 thoughts on “CoNZealand Announces Availability of Sir Julius Vogel Award Voter Packet

  1. That’s excellent news!

    (I did get the packet previously, but this means that the many CNZ members who had missed out get another opportunity.)

  2. Downloaded. Still sorry that I couldn’t vote for the candidates, but I’m pleased that I’m about to be introduced to a number of new-to-me authors.

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