Top 10 Posts for April 2020

Close-up of 2013 Hugo base. Photo: Kevin Standlee. Permission for non-commercial and journalistic uses with attribution granted.

Who’s up for the 2020 Hugos, and where fans can jump start their voter packet reading using links to free resources, was the information of most interest to File 770 readers in April.

Coverage of Craig Martelle’s bid to found an alternative to SFWA attracted a wide audience. Likewise, the report of John Van Stry’s costly but successful lawsuit against a flagrant book pirate.

Here are the Top 10 most-read posts from April according to Google Analytics.

  1. Hugo Awards 2020 Finalists
  2. Where To Find The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/16/20 And Faintly Falling, Like The Descent Of Their Last End, Upon All The Scrolling And The Filed
  4. Pixel Scroll 4/18/20 You Can’t File All Of The Pixels All Of The Time
  5. Pixel Scroll 4/19/20 If You Like My File And You Think I’m Pixely, Come On Baby Let Me Scroll
  6. Pixel Scroll 4/8/20 Why The Pixel Shudders When It Perceives The Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 4/24/20 Fillie And The Poor Gods Are Stalkin’, Bring A Pixel, Scroll Your Feet
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/22/20 Then Curl Up On The Pile And Sleep For A While, It’s The Scrolliest Thing, It’s The Pixel Dream
  9. Pixel Scroll 4/9/20 I Had Too Much To Stream Last Night
  10. Another Would-be SFWA Rival

Scroll-Free Top 10

  1. Hugo Awards 2020 Finalists
  2. Where To Find The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  3. Another Would-be SFWA Rival
  4. Retro Hugo Awards 1945 Finalists
  5. John Van Stry Wins Suit Against Book Pirate
  6. CoNZealand Virtual Worldcon Plans and New Membership Rates
  7. Hugo Award Finalist Announcement Scheduled
  8. 2020 SFWA Officer Election Results
  9. People of My Generation — Beware The Corona Virus Like The Plague!
  10. 2020 Compton Crook Award

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  1. My library is closed. I usually read all the novels and try to see the movies. I don’t really want to watch the two TV series nominated even though they are on services that I use and I prefer to read hard cover books so I will skip it this year. I did watch the movie that I had not seen, called Us.

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