2020 Xingyun Awards for Chinese Science Fiction Winners Announced

The eleventh annual Xingyun Awards for Chinese Science Fiction were presented by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association on April 24, 2021. The ceremony was held in Lingshui, Hainan Province. Due to Covid-19, the award ceremony was postponed from November 2020 to April 2021.


  • WINNER: The Stars, Qi Yue

Other finalists

  • Memory Deviation, Wu Chu
  • The Cosmic Egg, Wang Jinkang
  • A Voyager in the Sea of Stars, A Que


  • WINNER: “Astronomical Priests”, Baoshu

Other finalists

  • “Host”, Cheng Jingbo
  • “The Algorithms for Life”, Chen Qiufan
  • “Forget-Me-Not”, A Que


  • WINNER: “In This Moment, We are Happy”, Chen Qiufan

Other finalists

  • “The Man Who Recedes into the Past”, Baoshu
  • “Seventeen Years”, Bai Bi
  • “The Personification Algorithm”, Yang Wanqing


  • WINNER: Cognitive Estrangement: Study of Science Fiction by H.G. Wells, Li Chan

Other finalists

  • “’Materials’ and ‘Devices’ in Science Fiction: A case study of Tower of Babylon and Folding Beijing”, Fei Dao
  • “Relic, Mirage and Future-land: The positioning of contemporary science fiction”, Dai Jinhua
  • “I Have Run into this Galaxy Before: Reading Galaxy Edge No.4”, Jiang Zhenyu


  • WINNER: Central Station, Lavie Tidhar, translated by Chen Yang

Other finalists

  • Dragon’s Egg, Robert L. Forward, translated by Kuan Yuan
  • “Magician”, Satoru Ogawa, translated by Ding Dingchong
  • Marrow, Robert Reed, translated by Jia Ye


  • WINNER: Cover of Science Fiction World Translation 6/19, Wu Wei

Other finalists

  • Cover of The Listener, Butu
  • Cover of Cat Country, Guangyuan
  • Illustration of Dark Forest in Illustration Collection of the Three-body Problem, Techism-Heyuan

BEST NEW WRITER (2017-2019)

  • WINNER: Mu Ming

Other finalists

  • Wang Nuonuo
  • Fenxing Chengzi
  • Wu Chu
  • Zhao Lei

[Based on a press release.]

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  1. Any idea when the winner of best novel will be available in North America, specifically Canada?

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