2022 Pulp Factory Awards Nominees

The 2022 Pulp Factory Awards ballot is out, its finalists chosen by votes from members of the Pulp Factory, a professional association of pulp writers, artists, editors and publishers.

The public is invited to vote on this shortlist/final ballot – not just Pulp Factory members. The voting deadline is Midnight (EST) Friday March 28. The ballot is here

The awards will be handed out at the traditional ceremony at the Windy City Pulp and Paperback Convention in Chicago, IL, May 6-8, 2022.


  • Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy – Charles F. Millhouse (Stormgate)
  • Fangs of the Sea – Fred Adams Jr. (Airship 27)
  • The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy – George Tackes (Airship 27)


  • “Saturn’s Child” – Mark Allen Vann – Saturn’s Child And Other Tales (Xepico Press)
  • “Snow Shorts: Snow Ambition” – Brian K. Morris (BEN Books)
  • “Strigoi” – Jonathan W. Sweet – Ghosts of the Jackal (Brick Pickle Pulp)


  • Blood on the Blade – Flinch Books
  • Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 7 – Airship 27
  • Occupied Pulp – Flinch Books
  • Pulp Reality #2 – Stormgate Press
  • Pulp Reality #3 – Stormgate Press


  • Chris Nye – RUNEMASTER – Shield Maiden’s Blade (Airship 27)
  • Ed Catto – THE MUSKETEERS – New Adventures (Airship 27)
  • Gary Kato – PULP MYTHOLOGY Vol 2 (Airship 27)
  • Guy Davis – THE SILVER PENTACLE (Airship 27)
  • Rob Davis – C.O.JONES – Hometown U.S.A. (Airship 27)
  • Stephen Burks – PULP REALITY #3 – (Stormgate Press)

BEST PULP COVER (larger images below)

  • Clayton Murwin – PULP REALITY # 2 – (Stormgate Press)
  • Adam Shaw – FANGS OF THE SEA (Airship 27)
  • Adam Shaw – JEZEBEL JOHNSTON 7 – Mastiff (Airship 27)
  • Douglas Klauba – SATURN’S CHILD And Other Tales (Xepico Press)
  • Rob Davis – JEZEBEL JOHNSTON Vol 8 REVELATION (Airship 27)

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2 thoughts on “2022 Pulp Factory Awards Nominees

  1. Am I missing something? Was it a special pirate themed contest, or was this just amazing coincidence that everything seemed to be pirate themed, at least in terms of the cover porion?

  2. As far as I know it’s just what the eligible voters recommended. Funny you should ask because this set made me go back and look at last year’s finalists — they were from several genres.

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