2024 Seiun Award Nominees

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Nominees for the 55th Seiun Awards, the Japanese speculative fiction award honoring the best works of the previous calendar year, were announced April 24. The winners will be announced July 6 at Yanecon, the 62nd Japan Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Nagano Prefecture.

The award has nine categories. The full list of finalists in Japanese is here.  Below are the items shortlisted in the categories for translated works.


  • Braking Day by Adam Oyebanji. Translated by Tsukasa Kaneko
  • Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao. Translated by Naoya Nakahara
  • The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi. Translated by Masayuki Uchida
  • Civilizations by Laurent Binet. Translated by Akemi Tachibana
  • The Greenhouse at the End of the World by Kim Cho-yeop. Translated by Kang Bang-hwa
  • Drunk on All Your Strange New Worlds by Eddie Robinson. Translated by Ken Mogi
  • Mickey 7 by Edward Ashton. Translated by Mayumi Otani


  • “Solidity” by Greg Egan. Translated by Makoto Yamagishi
  • “Six Months with Only One Elbow” by Jaroslav Weiss. Translated by Kiyomi Hirano
  • “Sleepover” by Alastair Reynolds. Translated by Naoya Nakahara
  • “The Long Way Home” by Fred Saberhagen. Translated by Toru Nakamura
  • “Exo-Skeleton Town” by Jeffrey Ford. Edited and Translated by: Akemi Tanigaki

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