An Appreciation 

By James Bacon: A vocational institution doing service to fandom, consisting of blog posts occasionally random, always keen to ensure the stories veracity, seeking out the news with dogged tenacity. 

Mike bangs the keys in darkest night, inquisitive curiosity burning bright, asking the questions and probing for more, looking at the pieces strewn on the floor. 

There’s a determination to find out what’s going on, to have a look at where it’s a bit wrong, to seek out, to ask and even deploy, especially when someone has pressed self-destroy.  

The efforts are genuine, thoughtful and well meaning, despite horrified calls of ‘have you no feeling’, occasionally lowering down the shield, the softest fella taking notes on the battlefield; 

He honours the dead with learned respect, noting matters of gravity upon which we reflect; 

He cares for the welcome to be shown to all, and helps those who trip, stumble and fall; 

The good news flows constant but not propaganda, his editorial eye clinical of all memoranda, there’s caution and care of those with might, lest we fall into traps set by the right. 

The welcome to all is genuine and fair, Mike’s keen to promote those with flair, a love of prose and appreciation of art, he’s quite a nice fella and not a grumpy old fart. 

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