Apex Magazine Starts
Relaunch Kickstarter

Apex Magazine is coming out of hiatus in January of 2021. Returning are editor-in-chief Jason Sizemore and managing editor Lesley Conner. Maurice Broaddus joins Apex special fiction editor and Shana DuBois is their new nonfiction editor.

They launched a Kickstarter – “Apex Magazine 2021” – on July 20 to fund the magazine’s first two issues and hit the $7,500 goal in five hours.

Now they’re working on their stretch goals, including the funding of four more issues in 2021, and special issues devoted to Indigenous fantasists and works of international writers, along with expansion plans for the Apex Magazine podcast.

At this writing they’ve raised $12,019, enough to cover two of the stretch goals described in Update #1.

…At $12,000 we will include an original story by Beth Dawkins in our mini-issue. When we hit $14,000, we will also throw in an interview with Beth.

…Next up is $11,250 which will guarantee publication of issue 123. Then $15,000 for guaranteed publication of issue 124.

And Apex is now taking submissions:

As promised, once we hit our funding goal we would open issues 121 and 122 to submissions. Writers, send us your very best!

Visit our submissions page to read the latest guidelines and for a link to our submissions account

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