Barf Factor Three, Mr. Sulu

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies publisher Quirk Books will soon bring out Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson reports io9. In Anderson’s novel fans rally to fight off an undead horde unleashed at a Star Trek convention.

Quirk Books’ associate publisher Jason Rekulak says:

“I’ve always felt that a giant convention of fanboys (like the San Diego Comic Con) would be a delightful setting for some kind of genre fiction: mystery, romance, horror, something.”

Dang, great idea! Nobody ever thought of setting a story at an sf convention before except Gene DeWeese and Buck Coulson (Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats and Now You See It/Him/Them), Richard Purtill (Murdercon), Bill Warren and Allan Rothstein (Fandom Is a Way of Death), and Sharyn McCrumb (Bimbos of the Death Star and sequel Zombies of the Gene Pool).

(Did I leave anyone out?)

[Thanks to Janice Gelb for the link.]

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7 thoughts on “Barf Factor Three, Mr. Sulu

  1. Any plot you can sell is a good plot – any script that is produced is a great script!

  2. Half credit for Murder at the ABA?

    Hounding the Moon by P.R. Frost (Irene Radford) has a section at the World Fantasy Convention in which demons murder an obnoxious writer whose initials, by pure coincidence I’m sure, are H. E. (Also the heroine’s novel wins a World Fantasy Award, but said book is based on her real-life demon-fighting experiences, which should make it ineligible, shouldn’t it?) And the epilogue takes place at Orycon.

  3. Carole Nelson Douglas has a murder mystery set at an SF con in Cat in a Kiwi Con (From Samanda Jeude)

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