Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2018

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The following works have been confirmed, to the best of my ability, as having appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2018. Clicking on the thumbnail will display a larger version; where possible, the larger version will be the original artwork before cropping and the addition of titles.

Glenn Harvey

Jaime Jones

Shawn T. King

Tracy J. Lee

Julia Lloyd

Jeffrey Alan Love

Tithi Luadthong

Peter Lutjen

Gregory Manchess

Jamie Stafford-Hill using figures by Gregory Manchess

Stephan Martinière

Chris McGrath

Miranda Meeks

Gene Mollica

Goñi Montes

Reiko Murakami

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18 thoughts on “Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2018

  1. The pieces by Tracy J. Lee are actually fantastic animated GIFs, which are unfortunately too large and CPU-intensive to be hosted here. Filers with the bandwidth to do so are encouraged to view the originals:

    The Future of Work” SF Issue, WIRED Magazine, December 16, 2018
    Compulsory” by Martha Wells, short story
    The Farm” by Charlie Jane Anders, short story
    The Trustless” by Ken Liu, short story
    Placebo” by Charles Yu, short story
    The Branch” by Eugene Lim, short story
    Maximum Outflow” by Adam Rogers, short story
    The Third Petal” by Nisi Shawl, short story
    Real Girls” by Laurie Penny, short story

    Motherboard seems to be one of the multitude of sites these days which co-opts users’ CPUs for bitcurrency mining, so I always close my browser after I’ve visited to shut down all unwanted background processes.

  2. This post has been has been included in the Series, Editor, and Artist permalink page, which appears in the top header on every File 770 page.

  3. Oh man, the ones where you can stitch the covers together for one large image are beautiful. I mean, all of them are beautiful, but I love the multi-cover works.

  4. Becca: Oh man, the ones where you can stitch the covers together for one large image are beautiful. I mean, all of them are beautiful, but I love the multi-cover works.

    I love those, too. It’s a shame that the font and font color choices for those books are so poorly-done.

    If you haven’t yet, you can click on them to see larger versions of just the art without the crappy titles. In many cases with a lot of the works in this post, clicking on the thumbnails will reveal much nicer-looking art, uncropped and unobscured by text.

  5. Tithi Luadthong is also the cover artist for my In Love and War series, though that doesn’t affect their eligibility for best professional artist, because mine are under the sales threshold. However, a lot of Tithi Ludthong’s work is available via stock art sites and I’m not sure how that affects their eligibility.

    Chris McGrath also did covers for the Dragon Slayer series by indie author Michael-Scott Earle who used to sell well enough to be a full-time author/publisher. According to ISFDB, the books all came out in 2018, though they’re unavailable since Amazon banned Earle for shady tactics a few months ago.

  6. Over the last two weeks, I have added galleries for:
    (with the exception of Mollica who is on Page 3, all the rest are on Page 4)

    Gene Mollica
    John Jude Palencar
    Dave Palumbo
    Will Staehle
    Jamie Stafford-Hill
    Charles Vess

    Additional images were uploaded for:
    Julie Dillon (Page 2)
    Jaime Jones (Page 3)

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  8. Thanks, Laura. Those are in the spreadsheet, but I did not realize how extensive the illustrations by Wheatley are. I’ll see if I can find the time to dig some up and make a gallery for him.

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