Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2020

By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, this post provides information on the artists and designers of more than 800 works which appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2020.

These credits have been accumulated over the course of the year from dust jackets, Acknowledgments sections and copyright pages in works, cover reveal blog posts, and other sources on the internet. This year, Filers Martin Pyne and Karen B. also collected this information, and though we had a lot of overlap, their extra entries have greatly increased the information we are able to provide you. My profound thanks go to Martin and Karen for all of their hard work.

You can see the full combined spreadsheet of Editor and Artist credits here (I will be continuing to update this as I get more information).

In this post I will display up to 8 images of artworks for each artist for whom I have identified 3 or more works which appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2020. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a full-screen version of each work; where I could find a version of the work without titles, that is the image which is linked.

Please note carefully the eligibility criteria according to the WSFS Constitution:

Professional Artist

3.3.12: Best Professional Artist. An illustrator whose work has appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy during the previous calendar year.

3.2.11: A Professional Publication is one which meets at least one of the following two criteria:
(1) it provided at least a quarter the income of any one person or,
(2) was owned or published by any entity which provided at least a quarter the income of any of its staff and/or owner.

3.10.2: In the Best Professional Artist category, the acceptance should include citations of at least three (3) works first published in the eligible year.

Under the current rules, artwork for semiprozines and fanzines is not eligible in this category. You can check whether a publication is a prozine or a semiprozine in this directory (the semiprozine list is at the top of the page, and the prozine directory is at the bottom).

Please be sure to check the spreadsheet first; but then, if you are able to confirm credits missing 2020-original works and the names of their artists from Acknowledgments sections, copyright pages, or by contacting authors and/or artists, go ahead and add them in comments, and I will get them included in the spreadsheet, and if the artist is credited with at least 3 works, in this post. If you have questions or corrections, please add those also. Please note that works may or may not be added to the list at my discretion.


Artists, Authors, Editors and Publishers are welcome to post in comments here, or to send their lists to jjfile770 [at] gmail [dot] com.

(warning: this post is heavily image-intensive, and will probably not work well on mobile devices: flee now, or prepare to meet your doom extremely slow page download)

The following works have been confirmed, to the best of my ability, as having appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2020. Clicking on the thumbnail will display a larger version; where possible, the larger version will be the original artwork before cropping and the addition of titles.

Micaela Alcaino

Colin Anderson

Katie Anderson

Richard Anderson

Tommy Arnold

Adam Auerbach

Scott Bakal

Anna Balbusso and Elena Balbusso

Ben Baldwin

Billy Bogiatzoglou (Billelis)

BlackSheep UK

Rovina Cai

Iris Compiet

Owen Corrigan

Emily Courdelle

David Curtis

Galen Dara

Dan Dos Santos

Rebekka Dunlap

Bob Eggleton

Micah Epstein



Jon Foster

Damon Freeman

Donato Giancola


Tim Green / Faceout Studio

Vince Haig

Dominic Harman

Mike Heath (Magnus Creative)

Bonnie Helen Hawkins

Sam Hogg

Sija Hong

Kathleen Jennings (handcut paper silhouettes)

Tom Kidd

Yeon Kim

Jody Lee

Elizabeth Leggett

Paul Lewin

Julia Lloyd

Todd Lockwood

Tithi Luadthong (Grandfailure)

Maurizio Manzieri

Tony Mauro

Chris McGrath

Jaya Miceli

Kurt Miller

Reiko Murakami

Laya Rose Mutton-Rogers

Leo Nickolls

Cliff Nielsen

Shasti O’Leary Soudant

David Palumbo

Lauren Panepinto

Lisa Marie Pompilio

Shane Rebenschied

Tricia Reeks

Larry Rostant

Greg Ruth

Vincent Sammy

Dave Seeley

Chris Sickels / Red Nose Studio (3D sculpture)

Marc Simonetti

Will Staehle

Jamie Stafford-Hill

Elizabeth Story

Jim Tierney

Kieryn Tyler

Vault 49

Magali Villeneuve

Sam Weber

Alyssa Winans

Paul Young

Damon Za

Eldar Zakirov

16 thoughts on “Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2020

  1. Thanks so much for all of this! What a tremendous amount of work and I appreciate it greatly. It’s going to be very useful for me this year.

  2. Laura and Stuart, thanks for those links. Those 3 artists have been added to the gallery.

  3. I see Paul Lewin in the spreadsheet for the cover of the Subterranean Press edition of How Long ’til Black Future Month?. Three more full-color interior illustrations are shown on the Subterranean Press page. (Click the thumbnail and then the slightly larger pic for an enlarged version.)

  4. This is great!

    I see Sija Hong is in the spreadsheet for the cover for The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water; she also did the cover for the 2020 Chinese edition of Coraline ( and the cover and interiors for Monstrous Tales, published by Chronicle Books (,, many others). I’m never 100% sure what counts as a professional publication, but hopefully that helps.

  5. ambyr, Thank you so much for calling my attention to those, they are really gorgeous! I’ve added a gallery for Sija Hong.

  6. Found some more 2020 work for Tommy Arnold besides Harrow the Ninth. He did the cover art and interior illustrations for Wizard of the Pigeons by Megan Lindholm from Grim Oak Press (this edition published Dec 2020). You can see three interior illustrations on the main (portfolio) page of his website. The cover and full dust jacket (both without text) are on the more work page.

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