1 thought on “Brad Foster Breaks the Record

  1. I’m glad you made a link from this announcement to the run down of Tim’s amazing fannish careet, and beyond. Tim’s work blew my mind when I first got into fandom, but I was getting in just as he was getting out. My copy of “Kirks Works” was a huge inspiration to see the vast body of work he had created, simply out of the joy of drawing. I’ve been joking for years for “just one more Hugo”, so then I’d have one more than Tim and, as I liked to say “He would HAVE to submit to fanzines again, just to retake the lead… and I’ll get to see lots more great Kirk art, which is all I ever wanted in the first place.” (I was so pleased and honored when he agreed to do a new illo for my little LOCS zine last year.)
    If there was such a thing as a Grand Master Hugo for Fan Artists, it should go to Tim, and then be retired.

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