Corflu Bid From the Mysterious East

“It’s been noted by many that the eastern part of the US has not been well-served by Corflu locations over the last several years,” writes Nic Farey. “So with that in mind, a distributed team has virtually assembled to redress this omission.”

The crack team assembled to bid for the 2014 Corflu is led by Nic Farey and Ken Forman, co-chairs, John Nielsen Hall, Treasurer and UK Agent, and Randy Byers, Assistant Treasurer and US Agent, supported by Warren Buff, Aileen Forman, Nathan Madison and Curt Phillips.

They want to hold the Corflu 31 in Richmond, VA at the Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center (also home to RavenCon) over the May 2-5 weekend in 2014.

Their bid will be considered at the Corflu XXX (Boomchikawawa) business meeting.

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5 thoughts on “Corflu Bid From the Mysterious East

  1. Richmond is a beautiful town, but as I recall you must pause to pay tolls often on its free[sic]ways.

  2. And a freeway, by definition, doesn’t have tolls. And are you suggesting that you’re going to drive there? (It’d be a pleasure to see you, Guy)

  3. Drive to Richmond, Guy, and I will reimburse you your toll payments.

    Will quarters be OK?

    I am optimistic (always) that the 2014 DeepSouthCon (Contrails, Bristol Virginia) will occur the weekend following a Richmond Virginia Corflu. The near-year-old Contrails flyer I have says “May, Dates to-be-announced.”


  4. While there are some toll roads in the area, 95, 64, 288, and a host of other highways go through here, toll free; and there are plenty easy ways to get around here by bypassing the toll roads. I live in Richmond, and I can think of only once that I ever used the Downtown Expressway, which is a toll road. So, no real worries on that front.

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