2014 Corflu


The inventors of the Effless Corflu, Nic Farey and Ken Forman, invite you to Cor31u in Richmond, VA from May 2-4, 2014.

Looks like Nic and Ken generously squeezed a few letters out of the convention’s title so they could donate them to their hotel. A former Holiday Inn, the venue now has more names than a purebred dog — the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Richmond-Midlothian. Corflu’s room rates will be $94/night (plus taxes).

Memberships in the convention are $80 full, $25 supporting (£50/15 UK).

More information is in Progress Report #0 (July 2013).

Other committee members are John Nielsen Hall and Randy Byers.

Corflu Bid From the Mysterious East

“It’s been noted by many that the eastern part of the US has not been well-served by Corflu locations over the last several years,” writes Nic Farey. “So with that in mind, a distributed team has virtually assembled to redress this omission.”

The crack team assembled to bid for the 2014 Corflu is led by Nic Farey and Ken Forman, co-chairs, John Nielsen Hall, Treasurer and UK Agent, and Randy Byers, Assistant Treasurer and US Agent, supported by Warren Buff, Aileen Forman, Nathan Madison and Curt Phillips.

They want to hold the Corflu 31 in Richmond, VA at the Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center (also home to RavenCon) over the May 2-5 weekend in 2014.

Their bid will be considered at the Corflu XXX (Boomchikawawa) business meeting.

Digging for Pixels

That internet archeologist Bill Burns has discovered it’s still possible to view Michael Bernstein’s old Rotsler.com dedication site on Archive.org, with images.

Rotsler’s drawings on restaurant dishes are most nostaligic. They remind me of the 1974 Westercon where Bill impersonated AWOL guest of honor Phil Dick at the start of the banquet, and later entertained fans at nearby tables by drawing on their bread plates. (So far as I know, the committee was never billed for all the disappearing dishes.)  

I assume the examples on Rotsler.com were drawn in later years because Ken Forman is listed as the owner. But it isn’t as if Rotsler didn’t do this performance more than once…

[Thanks to Lee Gold and Andrew Porter for the links.]